Putting America to work

HarvestJobs.us is an agricultural employment service created from the need for more American workers for the harvest, developed by Hale Multimedia under their agricultural arm Ag Search Technologies, LLC. The service originated with a free test pilot project in the fall of 2019, successfully placing several dozen harvest workers and was officially launched in December in preparation for the 2020 harvest season.

Several improvements were part of a major revision and upgrade that launched today with the critical addition of secure login portals for both applicants and employers. In addition to the login portals, our applicants were given a way to quickly fill out the most critical sections of their application, then the computer saves the information so that they can go back in through their secure login to finalize their education and references sections anytime.

According to multiple sources including Indeed, the nation’s number one online job matching service, having a form that is too long, especially without a way to save and come back, is the number one deterrent to completing a job application. With this data, and knowledge of this fact for years now, we implemented a shortened version of our job application on HarvestJobs.us in order to facilitate more completed applications. We are happy to report that several applications have already been received since implementing this change. Applicants are also given reminders to help them get logged in, first on the screen once completing the initial application, then again through email. We will also send out daily email reminders to those who have not logged in to complete the process.

The Applicant’s Portal allows those seeking employment to login and update their initial information at any time, including but not limited to their experience, education and availability.

The Employer’s Portal utilizes our newest SmartMatch Technology, which automatically sorts through all the qualifying applicants to suggest the ones that are best suited for the job our harvesters require.

For more information about HarvestJobs.us, please visit https://harvestjobs.us or feel free to read Feeding a Nation, https://mrbrianhale.com/feeding-a-nation.

Brian Hale, owner of Hale Multimedia and Mobile Marketing was born and raised in Scotts Bluff County and has been in the business of custom programming since 1978, building websites since 1996 and mobile applications since 2012.  He can be reached at 940 224-6315 or brian@halemultimedia.com

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