#080 – The #Freedom515 Movement

I recently noticed a post on social media about a freedom movement scheduled for May 15, 2021. It looked like a national movement that was gaining steam in several states, so I decided to share the post and explore it further. After all, we are always reminding people to get involved if they want to make a difference, right? Well, it didn’t take long and I became the volunteer coordinator for Wichita Falls, Texas. I rushed over to my wife’s office to tell her that I was going to help organize my first freedom rally, when she reminded me that I was instrumental in helping start the WyoBraska Tea Party in 2009. I laughed at myself and thought, ‘yeah, this isn’t my first goat ropin’. The fight for freedom never stops.

We want our message to be clear and consistent. That message is that it doesn’t matter what PARTY you are from, or what RACE you are. This movement only matters to you if you value freedom over communistic tyranny by executive order. Will you accept the illusion, or face the truth and do something?

The following is taken verbatim from the Freedom515.com website.

It’s Time For Americans To Stand United

The American people have suffered through a decade-plus of hyper-partisan politics, empty promises and loaded rhetoric from our elected leaders.

National media organizations have supplied us with an endless stream of propaganda that serves only to further their own political agendas.

​Social media platforms have created divisions within our society and actively work to silence those who oppose special interests and career politicians in Washington.

Many of us are concerned about the direction America is heading yet feel helpless to heal the wounds that have been inflicted upon our country through hate-driven and insulting rhetoric.

A Call To Action For Every American

We have all been wondering when Americans would – finally – take a stand and demand that our country’s founding principles and values be fully reinstated.

An end to identity politics.

An end to “blue team” and “red team” politics.

​An end to the hate.

That time is now.

It begins with a national call for unity on Saturday, May 15th.

State-specific Event Details Will Be Announced on Monday, May 3rd @ 9am EST

A few days ago @libertyandlogic posted a video on TikTok that ultimately kicked off hundreds of discussions over the past few days.

Thousands of supporters and over 100 liberal/conservative grassroots activist groups have reached out with interest in participating on May 15th.

The response has been overwhelming to say the least. Behind-the-scenes we have been working to get the right people in place to support this movement.

​Stay tuned as we get our ducks in a row to ensure that our message – We The People Stand United – is heard by all.

The video that started it all

Join the Movement

On Saturday, May 15th all Americans – liberals, conservatives, libertarians and independents alike – will stand together to reject the hate-driven agenda being pushed upon us.

We’re done playing a game in which political elites pit us against our fellow Americans.

A new era in America is dawning.

Join us in the effort to reclaim our country and build it into the society that we all know it can become.

Visit the Freedom515.com website to join the movement. https://www.freedom515.com/

For specific information on Wichita Falls, visit https://www.diggingdeeper.us for updates.

9 thoughts on “#080 – The #Freedom515 Movement

    1. You can also get information by joining the various state and local groups. Just search for #freedom515 and your state (on fb). They have a channel on Telegram as well. Let me know where you are from and I’ll get you plugged in.


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