New Partnership Announced

Emergency Service Agencies Joining The Empire

By Brian Hale / Scanner News

The Scotts Bluff County Scanner is happy to announce our new collaboration partnership with two great local organizations; Nebraska Panhandle Vehicle Recovery Group and WNeWx Storm Chasers.

We had a chance to catch up with group admin Jonathan Anderson to find out a little bit more about these groups that have been in existence in the panhandle for longer than some may realize.

The Nebraska Panhandle Vehicle Recovery group began as a 4WD enthusiasts group but eventually transformed into an amazing helpful volunteer emergency service for the community.

Listen to our interview here…

If you are interested in helping, please join this group and share it around so that people think of them when they need help.

On the storm chasing side of the house, we’ll have a future podcast with information on WNeWx Storm Chasers, so stay tuned!

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