SCANNER RECAP March 21, 2023

PD delivers Door Dash, several arrests, multiple medical calls, and more every day on Scanner News…

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eyewitness accounts are often unreliable.

Early morning MVA – The day started out with a car hitting a cow West of Bayard, shortly after 6 am, as shown below. Unknown injuries.

Damage from collision with livestock

A Sympathy Card for the family of Autumn Elsen, along with a beautiful Prayer Plant from J & S Blooming Co will be personally delivered on Friday. Feel free to see Jen downtown to sign the card on behalf of the scanner community.

Local homeless man was called in by someone as acting strange and under the influence. About 30 minutes later, someone else called him in around O Street. Last night, in the middle of the night, sometime, we heard Scottsbluff PD was bringing him to Gering. Scottsbluff officer said that he sleeps beside the administration building. It is sad that we as a community have no place for the homeless. He has been trespassed from so many establishments in both towns that there is no place for him to even go. Perhaps some solutions will come from this awareness.

Officers need to have a wide variety of skills. Many times they end up being counselors, dog catchers, you name it…. However, this might be a first.

The State Patrol pulled over a car near Maverick, got consent to search, and took the person to jail while another officer delivered two door dash orders that the arrested person was on their way to deliver!

Could you imagine ordering door dash and having the cops show up with it? Some people would be freaking out. Would you complain to him/her that the food was late and cold? Maybe the officer hustled to get it there! Do you tip him? Either way, it’s interesting that they took the time to finish the task at hand. Maybe the person who received this order could give us some insight. 😀

Assist the public, Circle S Lodge.

Hwy 26 and 71 vehicle all over the road.

Vehicle vs pedestrian 3rd party report. East 34th Street. Pedestrian is juvenile possible minor injuries.

Ave A Minatare medical for female chest pains.

Trespassers on Morrill Village property. One male in custody.

Woman wanted to report that a store over charged her and would not give a refund.

Transporting pediatric now. 4yo is awake and alert acting normally. No active bleeding, does have a head bruise.

20th and Ave I – 2 vehicle motor vehicle accident, non-injury.

PUBLIC MEETING Monday, April 3, 2023

Social 6pm Meeting 7pm Team Building 8pm

Anyone interested in learning more or joining the team is invited to an informational and organizational meeting on April 3rd in Scottsbluff.

The Conference Room is Reserved for us at The Hampton Inn Monday night 7-9 pm. It’s a room for 100 and will fill up fast!

We will open with a prayer, then a video presentation, and introductions after that. Several of you will be invited to sit on a panel to answer questions pertaining to your area of expertise and experience. We will be contacting you with details if chosen.

Monday April 3rd 7-9pm (6pm social)
Registration for the event is free and will be available on our website or by sending an email to

Seating is limited to 100 total, so register quickly once it opens or send an email now

WESTCO Twin Cities Baseball is holding their annual fundraiser, and it’s PRIME RIB at Weborgs! Friday, March 31st.

Enter to Win TWO FREE TICKETS by telling any ⚾️ baseball story of your own, or WHY you support youth activities, on Scotts Bluff County Scanner under the PRIME RIB DINNER post. We’ll announce the winner on Wednesday, March 29th.

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