What is a Spoofing Scam?

Spoofing is the act of disguising a phone call to appear that the call is from a known, trusted source.

The scammer then attempts to steal personal information in a variety of deceptive practices while pretending to be from a legitimate agency.

NSP recently issued a Spoofing SCAM ALERT

SCAM ALERT: NSP has learned that scammers are spoofing NSP phone numbers to try to scam victims. The calls look like they are coming from a Nebraska State Patrol phone number, but they are not.

The scammers claim their victims have warrants or need to pay fines. NSP does NOT contact the public in those ways. Don’t fall for it.

A good rule of thumb: if you didn’t initiate the phone call, don’t provide personal or payment information. Any reputable organization will allow you to hang up and call them back so you are 100% sure you aren’t being scammed.

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