When The Smoke Clears

by Brian Hale

When The Smoke Clears is a book of True Stories – witnessed, lived and collected over a span of more than a half century and spanning the globe.

Most of these stories are quite serious in nature and do warrant a SENSITIVITY WARNING in advance.

Some of the stories are pretty funny, now that I can laugh at myself and don’t care what people think about me personally. It’s not about me. There are also stories that I am sure you will find SO unbelievable, that you will flat out deny and that’s ok. In any case, the stories are all based on real life. This is not a fiction blog. These are, unfortunately, true stories – so proceed with caution.

Regardless, we (me and my split personality) hope that you can learn from the unusual experiences of a sinner saved by grace in “When The Smoke Clears”. #UNASHAMED #UNFETTERED #UNAFRAID

You will see this page grow as chapters are added. Once we have enough chapters uploaded, we’ll start arranging the book, number the chapters and setup a table of contents for you. In the meantime, enjoy the sneak peek into the building of, “When The Smoke Clears”.

It’s gonna continue to shake a lot of people up, but as we all know the truth hurts, but it will set you free. Fear is a Liar. The Truth always comes out, but who is going to believe it? #DIGGINGDEEPER