2020 : A Most Productive Year

What has Hale Multimedia been up to lately?

Well, if I could go off script I would say, “we’ve been through some stuff”… 

But then again, most of us have been through some stuff over the past year or two, right?

We believe God has a plan for each of us and this is the path that He seems to have laid out for us over the past two years in preparation for the pandemic.

By most accounts, one would say that the pandemic started around March 15, or the date that the President declared a National Emergency. That might have been the date when some people learned of the virus, but most folks knew of the virus well before that. I believe most people became aware in January or early February with some even believing that they may have been infected as early as November of 2019.

113 projects : This represents the minimum number of website, programming and marketing projects that we worked on in 2020. 

45 website launches : I was pleasantly surprised by this number. It represents the number of Website Launches we have had in the last 18 months. By my calculations, we are completing a project every 12 days at Hale Multimedia.

A few of the unique projects included an Online School for The Deaf, a partnership with Star Expos to conduct Virtual Farm Expos with a Virtual Livestage and Interactive Booths, plus we launched a Streaming Media Company with Live TV and a Live 365 Radio Station and we conducting two successful Virtual Benefit Auctions, and formed an exclusive international partnership with ElevateAG, the company behind GrainSense.

10 new podcast channels : Believe it or not, we only started focusing on the podcasting world in 2019 and this number represents the number of Podcast Channels Launched, so far but the more impressive number be the number of podcasts produced and published. 

1500+ podcasts produced and published in 2020 on the following channels; Digging Deeper, Revelation Radio, Horseman’s Corner, Cattleman’s Corner, Harvest USA Report, Daily Markets and Home Grown to name a few.

by Brian Hale, Digging Deeper Media

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