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Hale Multimedia has a long history of helping those in agriculture.

If you grew up on a small farm with Howard and Pat Hale as your newly adopted parents, you too would be likely destined to be involved in agriculture like Hale Multimedia / Digging Deeper Media founder Brian Hale did.

The Hales adopted Brian and his younger sister Shannon officially in 1980, after having full custody for the better part of four years. Of all the memories of getting adopted, Brian says he still remembers the smell of the feedlot and the arena and especially the words that his new mom uttered, ‘you’ll get used to it.’ The smell seems to jump into your vehicle with you as you head down the road and that still wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t have a tendency to arrive with you at your new destination! Regardless whether Brian got used to the smell or not, he cleaned stalls, pushed cattle for ropings, took care of horses and eventually learned about EPD’s, probiotics, protein content and moisture conditions and so much more hanging out with his favorite business mentor, Howard Hale.