Truth Is Always The Truth

The TRUTH will always be the TRUTH, no matter how long it is ignored.

When a storyline needs to change, when the facts become fiction, when it needs drama or fear to grow, we know it is a lie. The truth will always stand on one principle, truth! It has a NEVER changing narrative, it stands alone.

The lie will have an EVER changing narrative, it has no foundation and needs to move around to find footing to stand or grow.

Think on God’s word, IT NEVER CHANGES! His words is always the same, it is truth. So when you look at today’s world, let a few things become clearer. Ponder some of what you see, hear, feel and know… let that be your guide.

What storylines have changed? What storylines have been founded on fear? What storylines have been riddled with hate. Then stop and think about God’s word. God is about love, not hate. God has told us NOT TO FEAR! God tells us to speak truth! Truth never changes, it is always truth. The truths that His word spoke from the beginning of time have not and will not change, even when the world changes, his truth will not. His word is NOT PROGRESSIVE, think on that a minute. What does progressive mean, it means REFORM! What does REFORM mean? It means to make a change. Again, rely on God’s word, IT IS NEVER CHANGING. When you wonder if you are on the right side, keep these thoughts in mind, as they are your answer.

Now ask yourself, have you been living, breathing, backing and carrying a lie?

by Lisa Armstead, Digging Deeper Media

A LIE is a LIE, no matter how many times it is told.

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