Digging Deeper Logo Transformation

When we develop a logo for a company, most of the time it takes lots of thought. We started Digging Deeper Media in September and I wanted something quick and easy. When I found the odd looking building in another country with a perfect reflection on the nearby waters, I knew it would work… for now.

The original choice of logo was purposeful as much as it was artful because we felt the pristine reflection represented the truth that was just beneath the surface, undisturbed, just sitting there, yet ready to be dug up for those who are unafraid to shake things up.

We used the ‘spaceship’ logo for a few months until one of our members revealed that he was an artist and would volunteer to help us develop a new logo.

My goal was to create something that reminded people of the idea of not only digging deeper but learning to navigate the truth on their own. The spikes resemble an old maritime compass, and that eyeball with the Christian cross is a great reminder of how we are watching out for the truth, using God-given discernment only available through the Holy Spirit.

Original Sketch by Matthew Boyle

We’re not done yet, but we feel we are getting really close to what we were envisioning. What you are seeing now are rough drafts drawn by hand on a cell phone or tablet by our talented artist, Matthew Boyle. Once we have unanimously agreed that we are there, we will have it finalized and release to the public as our official new logo for Digging Deeper Media!

What are your thoughts? Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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