#316 – CIA says we are in a Civil War

We believe there has been a civil war going on beginning with Obama’s first public statement after becoming president when he muttered, “I don’t have all the facts, but I do know this. The police acted stupidly.” He was admitting to the world that he was willing to make a judgement call about a news item before he had all the facts.

Obama set the stage to ‘fundamentally transform America’ while this current cronahoax has turned the world upside down. It must be upside down for me to enjoy a rapper so much. Of course I am talking about Tom MacDonald because he is talking about the same issues we are, and he says it so much more poetically and set to a beat… so LISTEN IN for a fair warning. CIVIL WAR IS COMING. scratch that… Civil War is Here.

VISIT Tom MacDonald’s website and get special deals! DO IT… http://www.hangovergang.com

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