#358 – Sunrise Farm Quarter Horses

Raising some of the TOP BLOODLINES in the Quarter Horse industry

There’s a new website we would LOVE to tell ya about….

Listen to The Buzz to learn more about what’s going on!

SUNRISE FARM QUARTER HORSES in Harpersville, Alabama has some of the top quarter horse bloodlines in the country.

All I can say is, if you know horses, you will love this website that features Mr. Junewood and Blue Fox Hancock on the home page.

New website by Andi Hale, Hale Multimedia

Daniel Gardner is a partner in the BV&D Heritage Sale each year in Springfield, Missouri.

You can visit his website to find out what you missed out on last year at the sale. Just click on Horses for Sale to see what sold and for how much! Then MAKE SURE you attend in 2022!

The Blue Valentine Driftwood Heritage Sale is slated for September 10, 2022.

The new website at http://sunrisefarmquarterhorses.com is by Andi Hale at Hale Multimedia.

If you need anything website related, even just a question, we have time for you. Please call, text or email anytime.

940-224-6315 or 940-224-6211 or support@halemultimedia.com

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