#385 – Colloidal Silver Kills 650 Different Infections

Colloidal silver is said by some to be one of the most powerful agents of cure on earth. According to a study at UCLA Medical center in the 1980’s, colloidal silver was able to kill 650 various disease-related pathogens. And they were destroyed in mere minutes. The benefit embraced by many in the medical and alternative health community is that colloidal silver doesn’t seem to build any immunity or resistance within the organisms which it destroys. That flies in the face of our modern ongoing antibiotic travesty. Many people have taken it to help with cold and flu symptoms.

Colloidal silver is also known help boost skin health and potentially heal wounds. It is often used on ringworm.

It is used to help control pink eye, which is an illness that swells the mucous membrane surrounding the eyeball.

It is antiviral and has been known to treat herpes, shingles, and even warts.

Yet another way to stay healthy, increase your immunity and feel better.

Vitamin D is another supplement that everyone would have in their medicine cabinet.

There is several other ways to improve your immunity and stay out of the hospital listed in our article Bad Medicine. Here are more suggestions from Dr. Judy Mikovitz:


Our immune system can degrade spike protein particles and can heal us, even from this synthetic weaponized virus.

Do what you would do if you had SARS CoV2 infection:

1/ take off the mask
2/ keep your immune system strong
3/ if you experience symptomstake: HCQ, Ivermectin, Low-dose interferon spray, NAC, Glutathione, Glycene, chicken soup, minerals, Quercitin, Cannabinoids [cannabinoids will keep the flame (inflamation/cytokine storm) down; the endo-cannabinoid system is the dimmer switch on your immune system], get rest and good sleep [turn off your WIFI and other EMF sources], Melatonin;

Get real healthy food;

Suramin keeps spike proteins from entering cells;
also Light therapy and Ozon creams
… and you will be well

Fear & anger are the most powerfully immune suppressive things there are.

Any mRNA, DNA or RNA outside your cells is a danger signal and there are 100’s of immune responses that gobble that right up; you don’t have to worry about that.
What you have to worry about is mRNA ínside your cells; remedy this with DNA methylation:
use Di-Methyl Glycene (DMG) or S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine.

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