What if?…

Our government is expecting the “you know what” to get very bad when the lack of vitamin D season rolls around?

What if it disproportionately affects those that got the “you know what else”, and our government inexplicably blames it on those that that didn’t get the “you know what else”.

What if our government makes it mandatory by emergency order? No shopping, no coming out of your house, nothing until you get it.

What if they can’t use the US Military against it’s own people, and most police agencies won’t comply, so they set up a UN Compound on US soil? …say in Utah.

What if these forces are allowed and encouraged by our government to forcibly administer the “you know what else” to battle the “you know what” that would put you in a group that is exponentially at greater risk?

What is your plan? How prepared are you?

What am I even saying? That could never happen Here. Right?

by Phil Ryan (posted on July 21, 2021 from a social media post)

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