#429 – How to Become a Warrior; Day 5 of 5

You might think of your wardrobe as a warrior outlined by Paul in Ephesians – like a travel guide that is given when you are going somewhere you’ve never been before. For example, when a person signs up to go on a safari in some remote region of the world, there is usually a place where that person can go online and find a travel guide that will give him the details about the recommended articles of clothing and items to bring with them. In the same way, Paul has given us our travel guide so that we will know what to suit up in and take with us into the battle.

Each of the six pieces of armor is divided into one of two categories. The first category includes the first three pieces of armor and begins with the word “with.” This means that the first three pieces of armor are pieces that you should wear all the time. You should never take them off. They are like a uniform a baseball player puts on when he goes out to play ball.

The last three pieces of the armor are given to you to pick up as the situation demands. We are told to “take” them up. This is like that same baseball player grabbing his glove or his bat, depending on what is going on in the game.

Regardless of the armor, though, notice this: God is not going to dress you. He provides what you need, but the responsibility for putting it on is left to you.

It’s time to suit up. A warrior would never head into battle without the appropriate armor. Neither should you face what the devil throws at you without the weapons and armor God has provided you, and outlined for us in Ephesians 6. 

Remember, you are not fighting for victory, You are fighting from victory. The victory is yours. It’s time to walk confidently as the warrior God has gifted you to be. 

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