#473 – The Ugly Truth of György

György Schwartz was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. He was raised in a non-observant Jewish family. The family survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary by changing their names and moving to the United Kingdom in 1947. Now known as George Soros, he is “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England” because of his short-sale of $10B pounds of sterling silver in 1992.

Soros is also a supporter of progressive and liberal political causes, to which he dispenses donations through his foundation, the Open Society Foundations.

Twitter has been on fire about good ole’ George recently. Here are just a few clips we grabbed.

UPDATE: It appears that some of the twitter posts were deleted. Go figure. The first three quotes are screenshots.

War Handbook found written by CIA printed by Soros’ Open Society Foundation. [VIDEO]

George Soros MAJORLY to blame for rising crime

George Soros is MAJORLY to blame for rising crime in some of our largest cities, even though most Americans are unaware of his culpability, Bill O’Reilly says. O’Reilly breaks down how the ‘prince of darkness’ is funding campaigns for RADICAL district attorneys everywhere from New York City to San Francisco. Crime thanks to Soros is getting SO bad, O’Reilly says, that citizens in some cities could be in everyday danger without even realizing it

The Prince of Darkness

Bill O'Reilly - March 13, 2022

Billionaire George Soros is after Presidents Putin and Xi of China.  He wants them canceled right this minute.  The 92-year-old Soros recently wrote an internet column saying they were enemies of democracy.  The Soros line that caught my eye: “We can only hope that Putin and Xi will be removed from power before they can destroy our civilization.”

Well, this is rich, pun intended.  The shadowy currency-trader is outraged by the two totalitarians.  In the column, Soros claims he is promoting “democracy.” How nice.

In the real world, George Soros is sieging America, donating untold millions of dollars to destroy the criminal justice system and influence voting patterns.  According to Forbes Magazine, Soros is worth $8.6 billion and recently pumped $125 million into something called “Democracy PAC,” run by his son, Alexander.

As you may know, but most Americans don’t, George Soros is a driving force behind electing far-left prosecutors.  He champions their insane soft on crime policies like “no bail” laws and failure to enforce criminal statutes at all.

If you follow the news, the situation is dire.  Thousands of Americans have been killed in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia because violent criminals are often not prosecuted by corrupt DA’s – many of whom received significant campaign donations from the Soros organizations.

So, while the radical leftist is railing against violent foreign leaders, his cash is fueling dangerous American streets.  Whether it’s open borders, massive intrusions from homeless drug addicts, demonizing the police, or a permissive view of narcotics, George Soros and his heavy wallet are on board the pain train.

I have no doubt that Soros wrote his condemnation of Putin and Xi as an attempt to rehabilitate his image in the United States.  The damage this man has done to our society through his “Open Society” Foundation is incalculable, in my opinion.  And it’s all completely legal.  His battery of lawyers knows every comma of the “non-profit” industry guidelines.

Putin and Xi are obviously dangerous to the world, just as Soros is a danger to America.  His unlimited money is quietly used to advance the most radical politicians and causes; there is no question about that.  Again, few truly understand how pernicious this man really is.

I call him the Prince of Darkness and if you don’t believe me, look him up on Google.  Then think about the horrific rise in violent crime, the collapse of civility and public safety, the porous border where migrants and fentanyl pour in on a daily basis while George Soros writes another check.

So it is absolutely hideous to see this guy “virtue-signal” over the Russian and Chinese dictators.  I know what you’re doing, George.  Bucks instead of bombs.

But both are agents of destruction.

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