Horseman’s Corner : Let’s Meet RaeMarie Knowles

By Nelseena Lehmann

It is so refreshing to speak with a young woman who has initiative and innovative ideas and who is taking on the world with a fledgling business. The business is Legacy Verified and it is the new way to manage your livestock in a manner that helps the producer, encourages data and takes the resources to help a producer create a higher percentage of profit for the bottom line.

All of this information is great, but if there is no way to utilize the data and convert it into hard cash. Most folks aren’t going to want to participate.

RaeMarie has been a wealth of information and a joy to visit with as her ranch raising is continuing to help the producers in a wide swath. Located in Colorado is not a hinderance as the technology available today is what allows Legacy Verified to come to you via the internet and interpersonal communication with this company.

I met RaeMarie through her husband Tad who is a talented saddlemaker, carver and a horse trainer as well. It seems that the passion for leather has allowed me to resource lots of good folks and has been an asset in more than one avenue.

Please listen to find out more about RaeMarie’s business and the many ways that she and her team can assist you and to find out more, you can always look up

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