Cattleman’s Corner : Campbell Mauchan – How Agriwebb Works

Agriwebb and how it works

Now here’s Nelseena Lehmann with Campbell Mauchan of Agriwebb on what this software can do for the livestock producer.

It’s about taking day to day data and turning it into valuable information. We all want more insights, more reports, more actionable, information that can help us run a better business. They’re business owners. They want to be able to push their business forward. We provide our mobile application to our customers. They’re utilizing that application on a day to day basis, taking records that are across both the livestock, the pasture. If they’ve got a small cropping operation, we can handle that as well, as well as any inventory. So managing feed or treatments, things of that nature, they’re able to do those day to day records right as they’re being done. And then once the day is over, we’re able to actually pull it into a central location and turn that data into those insights.

Campbell Mauchan, Agriwebb

We’ll have more with Campbell Mauchan on future episodes, but that’s it for The Cattlemen’s Corner. Thanks again for listening and may God bless. I’m Brian Hale.

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