Consider your response

Will You Act or React?

God will often invite us to join Him in His ministry to another person.  Our words can be His instrument of love and edification, provided we hear Him and respond appropriately.  Remember this though:  If we speak for God, then we must sound like Him.  I’m not talking about a fake voice of authority.  Nor am I talking about words that manipulate people to do as we want or think needs to be done, because we think God told us to tell them something. 

It should not be our objective to elevate our status in their eyes just because we minister insightful or encouraging words from God to them.  Don’t place on yourself a mantle of being a prophet so you can dismiss your rudeness and judgmental attitude as His work in you.  No, this does not sound like God.  

Sounding like God means our words are seasoned with His mercy, love and grace.  His words pass through and align with sound theology and His personality, not our own personal philosophies.  God’s words build up, although they sometimes must break down barriers.  God’s prophets were sent to challenge and teach, but also to restore people to God.  God’s voice in us always sounds like Him if it is Him speaking, and our words point back to Him.

When confronted with something that requires a response, always make time, even if it is a short time, to ask the Holy Spirit to guide your response.  He will guide you in the best way possible and what you say will sound a lot like Him, provided you listen and obey.  That voice is always good, and it will point eyes back to Him where they need to be.

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.

Proverbs 16:24 ESV

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