Ugly Truth of the FBI

Any time ultimate power is granted to humans, they tend to get power hungry. Administrations have used the FBI as their own Enforcer to get what they want, but the FBI isn’t ‘just following orders’. Corruption can be found at all levels of power.


Originally known as the Bureau of Investigation, the FBI originated from a force of Special Agents created in 1908 by Attorney General Charles Bonaparte on July 26, 1908. The internationally known name, Federal Bureau of Investigation, was adopted on July 1, 1935.

In 1924 John Edgar Hoover was appointed director of the bureau by Harlan Fiske Stone, then attorney general, and he was reappointed by each succeeding head of the department of justice. 

J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 1924 to 1972, is remembered for transforming the “Bureau” into a professional and effective investigative police force but also for using its power against those seen as political subversives.

The Top Law Enforcement Agency or A Political Organization

But the fact is, controversy about the FBI is anything but new — and achieving political goals of one kind or another have been part of the reason for the FBI since its inception.

Throughout its history, the FBI has been the subject of a number of controversial cases, both at home and abroad. These controversies include Keeping files on U.S. citizens, Domestic surveillance, Covert operations on political groups, Files on Puerto Rican independence advocates, Waco, Ruby Ridge, 1996 campaign finance, Internal investigations, Associated Press impersonation, Todashev custodial death, Florida school shooting, Clinton email investigation, Comey dismissal, IG probe . . . and the list continues to grow.

In the article The Massive Case Of Collective Amnesia: The FBI Has Been Political From The Start, NPR points out several political moves made by and within the FBI. While it has always had an ethos of professionalism and objectivity and devotion to law, the people in charge of it and the people in charge of the administrations under which it has served have been as political and as partisan as it is possible to be.

Teddy Roosevelt started the Bureau of Investigation in 1908. He did it because he wanted someone to look at the books of some of the country’s largest and most powerful businesses, suspecting anti-trust laws violations.

In the 1920s, the old BOI sent several officials of President Warren G. Harding’s administration to prison. But its role was not so much in exposing the oil companies that paid bribes for access to government oil reserves. It was, rather, in investigating a senator who had exposed the scandal. 

J. Edgar Hoover served as the agency’s head for 48 years, holding the top job through eight presidencies, doing various political favors for nearly all of them.

But since 9/11, the FBI has become a domestic intelligence agency with unprecedented power to peer into the lives of ordinary Americans and secretly amass data about people not suspected of any wrongdoing. That power has inevitably led to persistent and unconstitutional abuses of authority.

The ACLU published a list of 10 abuses against the American public:

1. USA Patriot Act Abuse

2. 2008 Amendments to the Attorney General’s Guidelines

3. Racial and Ethnic Mapping

4. Unrestrained Data Collection and Data Mining

5. Suppressing Internal Dissent: The FBI War on Whistleblowers

6. Targeting Journalists

7. Thwarting Congressional Oversight

8. Targeting First Amendment Activity

9. Proxy Detentions

10. Use of No-Fly List to Pressure Americans Abroad to Become Informants

Investigating the investigators – The Durham Report released

Pete Hegseth and Will Cain discuss the Durham Report, which reveals how the FBI and the Justice Department concealed Hillary Clinton’s crimes while targeting former President Donald Trump.

The DOJ and FBI failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law. That’s what the Durham Report found… The FBI broke all procedures and had politicized hacks all throughout the FBI, whose stated goal was to take down Donald Trump, and they were essentially in cahoots with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to do so…

No one’s held accountable. No one ever pays the price for Crossfire Hurricane. In fact, they were emboldened because they ran it again in 2020, this time running cover for Hunter Biden. Of course, you know that story, Hunter Biden’s laptop was suppressed.

You had the New York Post story that came out. Social media begins to cover the New York Post story, and you now have all of this suppression based on the government saying with the backing of intelligence agencies that this was Russian disinformation.

Stew Peters interviews FBI Whistleblower

The FBI has essentially become the personal GESTAPO for the globalist uni-party in DC.

They’re spying on, harassing and arresting innocent Americans at the behest of their elitist overlords.

Now they’re persecuting their own whistleblowers who have the courage to speak out.

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