Gilead Sciences’ Remdesivir

Research shows that Gilead Sciences, Inc is the Remdesivir manufacturer the government selected to supply hospitals with their EXPERIMENTAL treatment. Here is a screenshot from MarketWatch.

Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and Tim Cook.

Remember hearing the news of a company charging $1,000 a pill? That was them.

How about the claim that they held up an aids medication intentionally and millions died from it. They were slapped with multiple class-action lawsuits. A certain discredited female doctor was claiming this on a video that the government is not too happy about. They have the tech giants censoring it.

Heck, Donald Rumsfeld was an original board member who served as their Chairman from 1997 to 2001, immediately prior to his position as Defense Secretary. He went to work for Bush and Gilead proceeded to acquire nearly everyone they could.

Then they struck up some questionable international partnerships…

What? This can’t be this obvious! This is what the lady on the video was saying. She claimed that the U.S. and China were collaborating on this virus. Her story is starting to look like it holds some water. It MUST have some people scared if every tech giant and pro-government supporter is attacking the rest of us for trying to uncover the truth.

Not sure how many of you remember the history of The United States vs Microsoft where they were so upset at Bill Gates for building a monopoly in the PC market (when Apple was just about to go under) that they sued him. Wow, the United States vs anybody… who could win that? The government does not like monopolies, like Microsoft or AT&T when they got too big for their britches, according to some bureaucrats in Washington.

I suppose that theory of no monopolies has gone out the door with this special approval granted by the Federal Government to ONE (publicly traded) company to have ‘strengthened and extended legal monopoly rights’, along with ‘waivers on taxes and government fees”. Why is the government giving away MY FEES? The government does not generate any money. They can only COLLECT MINE or PRINT NEW, but they don’t make money, right?

Here is a March 2020 story from the Washington Post’s Christopher Rowland.

“Thomas Folks spent years in his U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lab developing a treatment to block deadly HIV in monkeys. Then San Francisco AIDS researcher Robert Grant, using $50 million in federal grants, proved the treatment worked in people who engaged in risky sex.

Their work — almost fully funded by U.S. taxpayers — created a new use for an older prescription drug called Truvada: preventing HIV infection. But the U.S. government, which patented the treatment in 2015, is not receiving a penny for that use of the drug from Gilead Sciences, Truvada’s maker, which earned $3 billion in Truvada sales last year.

Gilead argues that the government’s patents for Truvada for PrEP, as the prevention treatment is called, are invalid. And the government has failed to reach a deal for royalties or other concessions from the company — benefits that could be used to distribute the drug more widely.”

Now they are partnering with Bill Gates to create a global monopoly on our health decisions. It’s in their own writing folks and the partnership is growing. Dig deeper, for your own good.

by Brian Hale, Digging Deeper Media

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