Is Dr. Fauci invested?

The problem with fact checking… multiple half truths!

A recent ‘fact-check’ claim is as bogus as the claim itself. I’ll save you the long read. Here is their conclusion, “There is no evidence that Fauci is personally financially invested in a coronavirus vaccine, and scientists still don’t know if hydroxychloroquine is effective in treating COVID-19.”

Do I have to stoop to saying ‘Duh’? Of course that claim is false. There is no coronavirus VACCINE, so obviously he can’t be invested in something yet created.

However, let’s dig deeper. He reportedly is the holder of U.S. Patents. We need to confirm this, but if true, and any of those patented materials or processes are used, he stands to make a fortune like many others before him. That process exists and is not in dispute. I have no problem if people get paid for their research and discoveries. But what if it is publicly funded research that is used to make the discovery and secure the patents? Should the public own the patents, or the individual?

If he is invested, this is a classic financial conflict of interest case. If not, then ask yourself why he spoke out against a potential (common inexpensive fda approved medication) BEFORE they knew if it was effective or not?

Furthermore, their claim that they don’t know if it’s effective is false. They do know that it is effective AND they do know that it is also potentially dangerous. They have to weigh their options. The studies on this are conflicting, just like all research, that is normal. They are just keeping it from the public. Try to think for yourself and dig deeper like I did.

Just look in the AMA approved research papers, there are over 80 papers or articles that I personally found. Results support both sides. More research is needed there.

My goal is to get people to stop fact-checking with half-truths misrepresented facts. Everyone is guilty. Knock it off!

We, this author and his multiple personalities, choose to dig deeper by looking at both sides without a hidden agenda (other than some common-sense and decency), a commodity which obviously is on the short these days.

New information uncovered from the AIDS Epidemic from the 1980’s. Guess who discovered AIDS? Yep. Dr. Fauci. READ THIS…

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