#165 – Petition : Search Terry Lake

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Over the years, there have been bodies of murdered people found in Terry Lake. I personally witnessed a man being stuffed in a trunk when I was a child growing up on 9th Street, when I was just 7. The next day we heard about it on the news… “the second body to be found recently in Terry Lake”… That was 40+ years ago.

You can be absolutely certain that 1973 was NOT the last time anyone thought of dumping a body or evidence of a crime in Terry Lake. We believe it was not the last time it happened.

There are several unsolved murders and / or missing people in Scotts Bluff County and what is most disturbing is that the last time they began a Terry Lake search, they were suddenly called off from the search. Yeah. Not good. We know exactly who made the call, too.

WHY? Why was the search suddenly called off? Why are officers threatening to jail anyone who swims in Terry Lake? I know it’s illegal to swim in Terry Lake, but to threaten ARREST or worse for simply trying to search a lake? Something just does not sit right with this one.

It’s time to take a look. Even if they didn’t find any bodies, they could potentially recover guns or other evidence and maybe solve one or two of the many unsolved murders of Scotts Bluff County.

Sign this petition and share it everywhere.

UPDATE : Day 2

A representative from Change.org reached out to help us on this campaign because they believe it’s important and has alot of potential to affect change in our community. We are up over 300 signatures so far, but we need several thousand to really make a difference. Keep pushing it out there. There is NO HARM in searching a lake, right?  We do have some LEO’s who are signing the petition. That is REALLY good news. 

What can it hurt? What are they hiding by not responding to this call for a search?

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