Common Myths the Left Believes

by Jeff Blaha

Only greedy corrupt governments can fix the problem of greedy Corporations.

The rate of taxation has no effect on goods and services created. I call this one “the beatings will continue until morale improves”.

Censorship in a free country in the public space is just more freedom.

Forcing children to wear masks is the answer to a deadly virus that they will die from otherwise and is not hurting them in any way.

Sending your child to school with a mask and orders to wash their hands and distance themselves will protect them from a deadly virus.

Protecting your country from real threats (border invasions and terrorist attacks) is racism and nation-building.

Surrendering to your enemies will make them understand you mean them no harm and they will live in peace with you.

All white people are born racist and people of other colors lack the ability to be bigotted.

Entry-level jobs should provide an income to buy a home and raise as many kids as you want even if a 16-year-old with no skills and no upper education is the one flipping the burger.

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