Your Chances of Dying

by Jeff Blaha

Perspective / Fear Mongering

If you are an average person in the USA you might live to be 79 years old rounded up to 80 means you have a .0125% chance of dying in an average year, that is 125 per 10,000.

If you are an average person your chances of getting covid-19 and dying from it using even the inflated statistics of the cdc of fatalities / cases/ population / year (20 months ) your risk of dying of covid- 19 is .0007%. That is a 7 in 10,000 chance of dying from covid-19 this year.

Your chances of dying from anything this year are 17 times greater than just dying from Covid -19 if you are the average American. That goes down the younger and healthier you are and up the older and sicker you are.

More Proof of Fear Mongering

If Covid-19 is so dangerous, why is the average life expectancy of Americans increasing in the last 2 years?

Direct from a microsoft bing search;

“The current life expectancy for U.S. in 2021 is 78.99 years, a 0.08% increase from 2020.”

“The life expectancy for U.S. in 2020 was 78.93 years, a 0.08% increase from 2019.”

“The life expectancy for U.S. in 2019 was 78.87 years, a 0.08% increase from 2018. The life expectancy for U.S. in 2018 was 78.81 years, a 0.03% decline from 2017.”

Perspective is important

You have a 100% chance of dying, no one gets out of this life alive. 125 out of 10,000 people die every year, are we freaking out? No, it’s a fact of life. We don’t stop living, loving, and planning our futures.

An additional 1.7 out of 10,000 (who get the virus) will pass away. Those who get the virus have a 99.7% chance of surviving. That should go even higher as the delta threat is less deadly than the previous strain.

What are the quantifiable risks of getting one of these vaccines? How about four or more? No answers,…. crickets from the government. You are led to believe an experimental vaccine less than a year old is 100% safe and yet the manufacturer was protected from any liability.

The inventor of mrna technology is recommending more testing and other treatments like Ivermectin now.

Perspective / Risk

If we were experiencing the Spanish Flu or the Black Plague or a pandemic of 20% mortality would we knowingly still be shopping at Walmart? How about sending our kids to school with paper masks for protection? Would you enter a level 4 virus lab with just a surgical mask (95% effective / 5% failure)?

There is a reason people are still shopping at Walmart for non-essentials, sending their kids to school and continuing to live. Very few would attempt an Evil Knieval type motorcycle jump in their lifetimes but a lot have ridden on a motorcycle even knowing the slight risk during an individual ride.

The real risk of dying from covid is relatively low in comparison to the average health of an individual. Just like I would recommend the average 80 year old not take up motorcycle riding I don’t think we should make a law preventing it. This covid is NOT the ebola virus. It is closer to the average seasonal flu in which 70,000 Americans are pushed toward death every year and we don’t blink.

In 2020 compared to the population the average person had a .2% chance of dying from the disease in the inflated statistics. That is 2 in 1000. Now the vast majority had co-morbidities that were the major factor in the fatalities. Only 6% of fatalities did not have obvious co-morbidities. Healthy people living the USA had a 12 in 10,000 chance of dying from covid in 2020. Your chances of dying period in the US in 2020 based on the Average life expectance was 125 in 10,000.

So your chance of dying from anything else in 2020 was 10 times greater than dying from covid. Just living your life was 10 times deadlier than covid. Knowing this we have to let people live thier lives and make their own decisions.

Freedom is still worth the risks one takes in life.

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