Morals are not divided along political lines

Question : Is abortion political? No. It’s a medical procedure based on a moral decision.

Question : Are immunizations political? No. They are a medical procedure based on a moral decision.

Question : Is believing in God political? No. It’s a personal decision based on morals.

Satan divides us by tricking us into believing that morals are based on political ideology. Satan knows no bounds other than those protected by the Holy Spirit. Satan will do anything to attempt to blur the lines between right and wrong. He wants us to feel good about sin and evil. He wants us all to think we are right and everyone else is wrong. He wants us divided so he uses the most divisive topics, of which politics is atop the list.

Abortion : Is it only for Democrats? Many Republicans support Roe v. Wade while many Democrats oppose abortion. Bottom line; abortion is not political, it’s a moral decision.

Gun Ownership : Are Republicans the only ones who own guns? Are ALL Democrats against the 2nd Amendment, regardless if they actually own a gun or not? Are all Republicans gun-toting, proud Veterans sworn to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? (No, but I know one or two.)

Equal Rights : Are all LBGTQ members Democrat? No. Do all Republicans rail against LBGTQ legislation?Obviously not, since Trump supported their rights.

Religion : How ridiculous is this getting to think that all churchgoers are of the same political parties? I am sure that there are Republican and Democrats in church. I also venture to say there are 2nd Amendment along with LBGTQ, as well as Roe v Wade supportive members in church each week around the country.


If you want to get political, go study political science and learn about compromise, cloture and fillibusters and how to work back room deals to get what you want, but stop calling MORALITY political!

Morals are not to be compromised. Do not let people pull you into a political boxing ring. Stand strong on your beliefs and educate people that morals and politics are completely separate playgrounds… and you’re not playin’.

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