#287 – Tom MacDonald Hates Fame – HATERS Should Download BALLOONS and Make Him Cry

This is your chance to get back at Tom MacDonald!

He’s crying about fame in recent video BALLOONS, so HATERS should download the hell out of all his songs and make him cry like a baby! Make him an old man! Make him so damn famous he has to retire and give us all a break from this … this… music!


Listen to this podcast where Tom responds to my comment in his livestream and you’ll see why I am doing this! LMAO

In all seriousness, this song is about Mental Health. Tom’s mental health. There is no place for haters in the Hang Over Gang. Only people who believe in supporting each other as one race, the human race. Like Tom said in CLOWN WORLD, ‘when I was a kid, the only races that we hated were the ones that we ran and didn’t win’.

For everything Tom MacDonald, visit his official website at http://www.hangovergang.com and be sure to join the gang for exclusive deals and alerts.

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