Where does security come from?

Pray for faith. That is all any of you have is faith. Just faith, and your connection to the divine, your connection to us. That is all you ever have. Nothing else is secure in the world. Nothing. Can you not see from what has happened this year that nothing is secure? Your jobs are not secure. Your country is not secure. Your pocketbook is not secure. Your bank account is not secure. Your health is not secure. Your relationships are not secure. Can you not see that?

If nothing else, the past nearly two years ought to have taught you that, that nothing is secure. Everything changed – just like that. And it can change again – just like of that (snapping fingers). So, all you have is today. And the opportunity to follow your joy, follow your truth, follow your path and follow your God-given spirit, your vector. You all have one – it is your soul path. That is all you have. You have your connection to the divine and your inner soul path. That is it. That is your compass. That is your guide. That is your strength. That is your hope. That is your faith. That is your money. That is your love. That is your being. That is it. That is all you have.

The rest can wash away in a flood. The rest can be taken away in a heartbeat – in an explosion, or in a health concern, or a war, it can vanish from your eyes.

So do not rely on these structures and these situations that you have in place that give you all this false security. They do not. There is no security – and there never was. You just lulled yourselves into a sleep where you believed there to be. But the veils have lifted, the scales have come off of your eyes, and surely you see now that nothing is secure. Nothing.

Strike out, all of you, towards a dream that you have inside of you, or a passion that is not being expressed. If you have a decision that you need to make and you want to go in one direction versus another, but one offers the illusion of security, turn aside. Do not look at that security. Go towards your true soul’s desire, your true passion, your true joy.

Fear is like Satan. It is only there to deride you, to derail you. It will never take you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Never.

And if you managed to go through your entire life by living in a tight box where everything seemed safe, you would not have won. You would not have won because when your soul rose from that body and surveyed the life just lived, it would want to re-do that life in order to make different choices, choices that would have taken you into freedom and authenticity.

So you see, you do not avoid anything by living that way; rather, you prolong the inevitable because you will be faced with the same choices in the next, or subsequent life. The choice is yours. There is no pressure. I am only here today to tell you that what you think is safe is not safe. It never was. It never will be. So, follow your joy, follow your truth, stay in love, stay in peace and have faith. Have faith in the beautiful creator God, the one you love, the one that will never disappoint, the one that has all the answers.

Know that you are loved. Know that you are safe.”


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