Spring is In-The-Air at B&T Performance Horses!

Perhaps this brings up a jingle in your head, or thoughts of flowers or birds.

For those of us that follow and work around people in the world of horses, the Spring means new babies on the ground. Brand new little colts that quickly come into their own. It’s an amazing thing to see really.

One of the select breeders in the highly successful BV&D Heritage Production Sale, Bradley Beauchamp of BT Performance Horses in Leitchfield, Kentucky has been busy lately posting photos of the new foals. We thought you might like to see all he has to offer under one roof, so we have included everything on his new website by Andi Hale at Hale Multimedia.

visit the new website here

Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the horses that B&T will be offering at the 2022 BV&D Heritage Production Sale…


BV&D Heritage Production Sale September 10, 2022 Springfield, Missouri


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