#417 – Truman’s Matrix: Watergate 10.0

LISTEN to this incredible episode!

They lied, they spied, they cheated, and when all that didn’t work, they fabricated the “Russian Collusion Hoax” to frame the POTUS.

John Solomon: Declassified Docs Show FBI Directed Efforts to Spy on Team Trump

“It’s the tasking orders. It’s the FBI sitting with an informant telling him this is how we want you to spy on the Trump campaign.

Here’s a scenario. Here’s our goal. If you don’t get something from Carter Page, move on to Mike Flynn.

If you don’t get something from Mike Flynn, move on to George Papadopoulos…

Is this a spy document? Absolutely. It’s the roadmap for surveillance.”

Devin Nunes: Let me just simplify this.

What they did is they spied on a presidential candidate – and then the President of the United States. When they didn’t find anything, they made it up and they framed a sitting President of the United States and tried and got the Mueller investigation. That’s really what happened here. It’s really that simple.”

How much PROOF against Hillary Clinton does the media need?

There’s now even MORE evidence that further criminalizes the Hillary Clinton campaign, proving those within the campaign broke laws, lied, and spied on Donald Trump. But still, it’s not enough for the media to admit such claims or even cover the story. How much PROOF do they need?! Americans are onto the hypocrisy and bias from the mainstream press, Glenn says…and if they don’t change course soon, their dynasty will be OVER.

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