#416 – The Ugly Truth of Freedoms Lost

The Ugly Truth – Canada has lost their freedom

Trudeau Announces Unprecedented Action, Freezing Bank Accounts Of ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protesters

Canada to seize bank accounts from freedom convoy participants, “to stop financing terrorists.” (This explains the use of terms like “terrorists” and “insurrection” in front of the kids bouncy house.) This is such a direct provocation and insult, “please revolt!”

Ice Age Farmer, Telegram

Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s finance minister, later said that banks and other financial institutions in Canada have the authority to “temporarily cease providing financial services where the institution suspects that an account is being used to further the illegal blockades and occupations. This order covers both personal and corporate accounts.”

Crowd-funding platforms, which protesters have used to sustain their weeks-long demonstrations, would fall under the enforcement of “Canada’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules,” Freeland said.

“These changes cover all forms of transactions,” she said. “The illegal blockades have highlighted the fact that crowd-funding platforms and some of the payment service providers they use are not fully captured under the proceeds of the Crime and Terrorist Financing Act.”

Greg Hill speaks to Parliament & All Canadians

Listen to this audio in the podcast above!

This is stupid! … There’s a dense fog gripping this nation. It’s obscuring truth, dividing our nation and clouding the consciences of good men and women. Our government has the throttles jammed full forward in a race for totalitarian control.

Many of you have the power of influence, whether that’s media, policing, politics, the military, business leadership. You know the truth of what’s happening around you, as you’re told lies when you’re asked to repeat the lies, or worse, asked to crush the voice and freedoms of your fellow citizens.

A voice inside you is saying this is stupid. This is dangerous. This is wrong, and it is. But that voice inside you is useless if you stay silent. You have to summon the courage to say no.

I want to address our military and our law enforcement, particularly. You stand in these hours in a unique and critical place. What we’ve witnessed over the past days is dark and difficult scenes against peaceful, unarmed demonstrators. You as military and police stand in the gap between the forces of tyranny and the freedoms of our people.

Many of you are actively but silently questioning what’s being asked of you. Be silent no more!

It’s not safe to speak, but it’s even less safe to not speak. Pay the price for speaking or pay the price for being a surf subject to the whims and wills of those who sit silent before.

Jordan Peterson

Thank you to those who have stood to uphold your oath to the Constitution and don’t comply with unlawful orders. Don’t dishonor your service We will all pay a der price for silence and blind obedience. If you act in ways that violate your conscience and oath, we are headed to dark places. Be men and women of courage.

The Chief Organizer of Freedom Convoy Has Been Arrested by Trudeau Under the Emergencies Act

Feb 17, 2022

Chris Barber, a chief organizer of the Freedom Convoy has been arrested in Ottawa, CBC News reported. He is currently in police custody and is expected to face criminal charges.

“Barber is also one of three protest organizers named in the class action lawsuit filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice by lawyer Paul Champ on behalf of his client, 21-year-old public servant Zexi Li,” the CBC noted regarding the arrest. “The suit names Barber along with fellow convoy organizers Tamara Lich and Benjamin Dichter.”

Barber has responded to the Canadian government’s intense public relations campaign against the Freedom Convoy.

“We understand your frustration and genuinely wish there was another way for us to get our message across, but the responsibility for your inconvenience lies squarely on the shoulders of politicians who have [preferred] to vilify and call us names rather than engage in respectful, serious dialogue,” he said at the time.

Under the Emergencies Act, formerly called the War Measures Act, the Canadian government can arrest anyone suspected of opposing government policy with or without evidence.

On Tuesday, Trudeau announced that he would be invoking the Emergencies Act, formerly known as the War Measures Act, an action  tantamount to declaring martial law.

SHOCK POLICY: Ottawa may euthanize truckers’ pets as punishment

The same day that videos emerged of Ottawa and Quebec police gearing up to go after peaceful Convoy supporters in the capital, the Ottawa government has warned protesters that their pets may be confiscated following their arrest.

Moreover, position statements issued by the Ottawa Humane Society reveal that they may unilaterally euthanize any animal that they deem to be “not suitable for adoption.” Arbitrary behavioral and health tests would be used to make the call. 

These decisions about the life of a trucker’s pet would, thus, be made without their consent or knowledge while they are imprisoned for indefinite periods of time via the Emergency Powers of the Trudeau regime.

As anyone with experience in pet care or animal shelters will know, “relinquishment” means that ownership of pets will be handed over to animal shelters, where the pets will be housed while awaiting a prospective owner to adopt them or to be euthanized.

As Adopt-a-Pet explains, “When shelters run out of kennel space, sometimes even healthy adoptable dogs are put to sleep. Some shelters simply don’t have the manpower to spend time with each dog, so they spend most of their time alone in a small cage… What is true at every shelter is that when you surrender a dog, what happens to him is completely out of your hands.”

It isn’t clear what length of time Convoy supporters may face if arrested for peacefully protesting, but the government has been clear that it could be up to one year in prison, in addition to a possible $100,000 fine.

This move, while despicable, should come as no surprise, as authoritarian regimes often resort to such measures when under stress.

Trudeau’s Dark Pedophilia Network Exposed: Human Trafficking, Sex Crimes, And Pedophilia

Justin Trudeau may very well be the offspring of infamous, Communist Dictator, Fidel Castro.

On Wednesday, the Stew Peters Show was joined by Sandy Glaze, who reflected on Trudeau’s rise to fulltime Totalitarian by day, and sex ring pedophilia by night.

Ben Levin Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

Trudeau has officially taken it upon himself to attain access to all bank accounts in Canada, and to freeze every bank account who has donated to the Canadian Trucker Convoy. He also declared the Emergencies Act, allowing for him to slaughter those who are fighting for freedom in Ottawa.

And coming to North America …

Tyrants Cook Protestors Alive: Laser Microwaves Deployed On Anti-Globalist Crusaders

The Australian government might have subtlety declared war on their citizens by allegedly using war-grade LRAD’s on peaceful protestors.

On Wednesday, the Stew Peters Show featured a jaw-dropping monologue by Stew, “It’s an arms race between Canada and Australia on which country can be more totalitarian and repugnant in handling COVID protestors.”

Stew Peters was joined by his Australian correspondent, Maria Zeee to discuss the topic further.

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