#425 – How to Become a Warrior; Day 3 of 5

It’s easier to do battle in the physical realm, isn’t it? It’s easier to fight what we can see.

We feel wronged in some way and we want someone or something physical at which to lash out. But doing that is like a police officer in his living room trying to shoot at a criminal he sees pulling a gun on him on a reality TV show. If the officer shoots at the television, he will have merely added more mess to the mess that is already going on. It might make him feel better for a moment that he did something, but in the end nothing has been solved. In fact, things have only gotten worse.

Whatever has gone on, is going on, or will go on in your visible, physical world is rooted in the invisible, spiritual realm. If you do not know how to navigate in the spiritual realm, then you cannot hope to truly fix anything in this one.

Let that last paragraph sink in. Does that mean there is no place for action in the physical world? No, it just means the action in the physical world needs to be action that seeks to address the spiritual root. 

When you’re active in the spiritual battle, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to have tough conversations with coworkers and family. Nor does it mean you spend all your time hiding in your closet praying. Far from it. When you are actively engaged in the spiritual realm, you can move with confidence and power in the physical one because you’re waging warfare correctly.

You are no longer content to settle for easy fixes and minor wins. You’ve tapped into the secret to abundant life and spiritual victory. You’re living—and fighting—at a deeper level than most people.

But you’ve also come to realize that the opponents you are facing are more dangerous, treacherous and numerous than you ever thought possible, so you must arm yourself appropriately. 

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