#438 – When Faith Catches Fire; Day 3 of 5

Answering the Prayer of Jesus

Answering the Prayer of Jesus

We ask so many things of God in prayer, but what would it be like if we instead actually answered one of Jesus’ prayers for a change?

While the great cities of the world are becoming more diverse and more complex, the prayer that Jesus prayed to the Father seems even more clear and simple than ever: “that they may all be one…even as we are one” (John 17:21-22, ESV). His prayers were not for a particular platform or body but rather for men and women transformed by the gospel into a family of faith.

How do we grow toward being completely united? What are steps we can take in our lives, our families, our churches, and our cities to do so?

Building unity for us means learning to draw circles of honor. Every person in the world needs a circle of honor in which to dwell, live, and thrive.

When you draw a circle of honor around someone, something powerful happens. In a culture quick to dishonor, you refresh a soul by seeing the person the way God does: as someone made to reflect his image.

The idea of honor in the Bible is deeply relational. It reflects how people in a group, community, or society relate to God and to one another. It is the glue of true community.

Start today. Start drawing circles. Seize the honorable moments. Begin looking for people in your world around whom to draw a circle of honor…in your family, your church, and your community. And as you do, here are a few things to remember.

It Takes At Least Three to Make A Circle

When you honor a person one on one, we call that encouragement. But when you honor someone in front of others, now that’s more than mere encouragement; it’s an event!

There Is a Difference Between Flattery and Honor

Flattery is when we merely say something we think people want to hear, often in order to get in return something we want. Honor, on the other hand, is sincere and authentic. It affirms the good in people and brings out the best in them.

Be Quick To Pass the Praises on to Others

Passing the praises we receive on to others doesn’t diminish our moment in the sun; it just reflects more of it around us and on others. Ultimately, honor is something that flows from God himself. It is best seen at work among the persons of the Trinity. And honor is a crown Jesus himself placed on our heads and in our hands to place upon others’.

Feed The Fire:

Who are some people you want to honor this week?

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