#444 – Truman’s Matrix: New World Out-of-Order

Never Before Seen Documents: Las Vegas Shooting Documents Prove Multiple Shooters [VIDEO]

The Las Vegas shooting happened more than four years ago, and it remains a really bizarre anomaly in U.S. politics. Pretty much every mass shooting in America completely takes over the news cycle and is used to demand disarming the public. We still hear about Sandy Hook and it’s been a decade. Ever since the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida we’ve had that obnoxious loser David Hogg shoved in our face again and again.

But the 2017 Vegas shooting is the exception. Nobody wants to talk about it, even though it was the deadliest shooting in American history. The FBI basically just said “we give up, we can’t find a motive for the shooting, the end.”

Patrick Howley says he’s discovered the real truth. He says he has documents with never-before-seen information about the Vegas shooting which points toward multiple shooters.

Wisconsin Special Counsel Finds ‘Widespread Election Fraud’ In 2020 Nursing Homes

Rampant fraud and abuse occurred statewide at Wisconsin’s nursing homes and other residential care facilities,” according to the Office of Special Counsel’s second interim report filed on March 1 with the Wisconsin Assembly. That conclusion represents but one of the key findings of election irregularities detailed in the nearly 150-page report—a report that also confirms the conclusion of the Racine County Sheriff’s office last fall that fraud occurred at nursing homes in Wisconsin.

Special Counsel Michael Gableman, the retired state Supreme Court justice appointed by the Wisconsin Assembly to investigate integrity concerns about the 2020 election, vetted more than 90 nursing homes in five different counties before concluding there was “widespread election fraud at Wisconsin nursing homes in November of 2020.”

According to the report, nursing home staff and administrators illegally handled absentee ballots, illegally assisted with “marking” residents’ ballots, illegally “witnessed” the voting, and possibly included forgery of the elderly residents’ signatures. Under Wisconsin law, these violations of the election code constitute fraud.

Wisconsin’s Voting Machines Were Connected To The Internet During The 2020 Election [VIDEO]

Dominion and ES&S were online and a Democrat operative ran Green Bay’s election from his Hyatt Regency hotel room.

Special Counsel Gableman: Wisconsin Election Commission left a “trail of victims” There are 92,000 nursing home residents in Wisconsin “In the Zuckerberg 5 cities, in all of those counties those nursing homes reported a voting rate of 100%, anywhere in between 95% and 100%.”

Mr. Gableman also found that $8.8 million in Zuckerberg grant funds directed solely to five Democratic strongholds in Wisconsin violated the state’s election code’s prohibition on bribery. He wrote, “The record created by public document requests shows that CTCL, a private company headquartered in Chicago, engaged in an election bribery scheme.”

The “People’s Convoy” Trucker Caravan Is Approaching Washington

The “People’s Convoy,” a trucker-centered caravan protest that crossed the US, has begun to arrive in Hagerstown, Maryland, about 70 miles northwest of DC. Convoy organizers have consistently said they have no plans to enter the District, though NBC News reports that one organizer said Friday, “I can tell you now that there will be select trucks going to the White House.” The Washington Post reports the convoy now plans to spend two days rallying at the Hagerstown Speedway and that organizers are considering next steps, including a gathering Saturday at a location “only two miles from the Beltway.”

After Merging With SIX Other Groups, ‘The People’s Convoy’ is Over 10,000 Vehicles Strong, 70 Miles Long

American truckers are gearing up for a massive protest this weekend in Washington DC to oppose Biden’s tyrannical COVID mandates. Thousands of protesters are expected to arrive for the demonstration, with several groups departing from across the country daily.

On Thursday, one of the largest of these groups – ‘The Peoples Convoy’ – continued its rapid growth as it reached Ohio on day 8 of its cross-country journey to Washington, D.C., adding even more vehicles in the Buckeye State after merging with six other convoys when it passed through Indiana the day before.

With just two days to go until they reach the DC Swamp, the trucker-led caravan now includes over 10,000 vehicles, with reports of it being as much as 70 miles long!

In just two days, the convoy has more than tripled in size; there were just 3,000 vehicles (about 30 miles long), as of Tuesday.

From Wayne Daily News:

“As of Wednesday [at] Noon, The People’s Convoy is 70 miles long and 10,000 vehicles strong as they merged with 6 other convoys just 20-miles out of Indianapolis, Indiana.”

All seven groups of truckers converged at Ted Everett Farm Equipment in Monrovia, Indiana for an overnight stay on Wednesday night, and they were greeted by a massive ‘Shifting Gears Rally’ that thousands attended to show their support for the group’s protest.

When patriots gather together it’s truly a sight to behold.

The Government is lying to us all

If you still think the government has been telling you the truth & they have your best interest in mind…you might want to look into these. I haven’t even had a chance to look into all of these. Saving for further research at a later date.


Project Bluebird
Project Bluebeam
Project Evergreen
Project Artichoke
Project Monarch
Operation Chaos
Operation Gladio
Operation Mockingbird
Operation Paperclip
Operation Northwoods
Operation Ranch Hand
Operation Popeye
(Doomsday Project)
Operation Project Seal
Operation Stargate
Operation Highjump
Operation Delirium
Project Rainbow
Operation Midnight Climax
Project Woodpecker
Project Stagate – Grill Flame, Sun Streak
Operation Cloverleaf
Operation Fishbowl
Project Bluebook
Project Coast
Musical Control (Rockefeller)
Project Groom Lake
Jekyll Island
The creation of the Federal Reserve
Fiat currency
Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd
Flouridation effects
Agenda 21
Agenda 30
The Getty Research Institute
B G H (Bovine growth hormone)
Rothschild’s family history
Albert Pike
Adam Weishaupt
Council of Foreign Relations (CFR)
Committee of 300
13 families
Skull and Bones Society
The Bush family’s business dealings
General Wesley Clark
Bill Cooper
William Guy Carr
Nibiru (Planet X)
Ninth Circle Cult
Nazi eugenics
Council of 13
Council of Nicea
Library of Alexandria
Vatican Catacombs
Emperor Constantine
Bloodlines of the Illuminati
Knights of Malta
Sabbatean Frankists
Phil Schneider
Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion
Tavistock Institute
Frankfurt subversion techniques
Fabian society
Satanic ritual abuse
Elm St Guest house
788 – 790 Finchley Road, Hampstead
Christchurch Primary School, Hampstead
The Samson Option

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