#443 – The Ugly Truth of Ukraine

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Our prayers are with the innocent Ukrainians and Russians losing their lives at the hands of those REALLY responsible for what’s happening in their country, and those responsible aren’t in Russia. They’re RIGHT HERE, in the SWAMP.

Stew Peters gave a quick rundown of the history of Ukraine. [VIDEO]

Those who don’t know history, tend to repeat it. It is beneficial to know how we got here and Stew gives us a concise history of the country.

Tucker Carlson breaks down Biden & Ukraine

Q The Storm Rider give us more insight

George SOROS controlled Ukraine since 2012 and was inserted by the DAVOS GROUP and backed by OBAMA, UN, NATO & CIA. These are all the same individuals who created the PLANDEMIC, backed the vaccines companies and suppressed the vaccines DEATHS through controlled MEDIA Big Tech.

The Deep state created a CIA playbook Colour Revolution in Ukraine in 2014 and used students in the coup.

Morning of the first day of Orange Revolution, Jan 2014

Since then, the DEEP STATE had been robbing UKRAINE of is resources and products they produce and all their natural resources. Here is a list of what UN’s Davos GROUP subsidiary companies, Clinton’s/Biden have stolen from UKRAINE and laundered over 7 TRILLION DOLLARS through the UKRAINE [DS] gov.

It is the second largest country in Europe by area and has a population of over 43 million persons – more than Poland by about 6 million.

Ukraine ranks:

  • 1st in Europe in proven recoverable reserves of uranium ores;
  • 2nd place in Europe and 10th place in the world in terms of titanium ore reserves;
  • 2nd place in the world in terms of explored reserves of manganese ores (2.3 billion tons, or 12% of the world’s reserves);
  • 2nd largest iron ore reserves in the world (30 billion tons);
  • 2nd place in Europe in terms of mercury ore reserves;
  • 3rd place in Europe (13th place in the world) in shale gas reserves (22 trillion cubic meters)
  • 4th in the world by the total value of natural resources;
  • 7th place in the world in coal reserves (33.9 billion tons)

Ukraine is an important agricultural country:

  • 1st in Europe in terms of arable land area;
  • 3rd place in the world by the area of black soil (25% of world’s volume);
  • 1st place in the world in exports of sunflower and sunflower oil;
  • 2nd place in the world in barley production and 4th place in barley exports;
  • 3rd largest producer and 4th largest exporter of corn in the world;
  • 4th largest producer of potatoes in the world;
  • 5th largest rye producer in the world;
  • 5th place in the world in bee production (75,000 tons);
  • 8th place in the world in wheat exports;
  • 9th place in the world in the production of chicken eggs;
  • 16th place in the world in cheese exports.

Ukraine can meet the food needs of 600 million people.

Ukraine is an important industrialized country:

  • 1st in Europe in ammonia production;
  • Europe’s 2nd’s and the world’s 4th largest natural gas pipeline system;
  • 3rd largest in Europe and 8th largest in the world in terms of installed capacity of nuclear power plants;
  • 3rd place in Europe and 11th in the world in terms of rail network length (21,700 km);
  • 3rd place in the world (after the U.S. and France) in production of locators and locating equipment;
  • 3rd largest iron exporter in the world
  • 4th largest exporter of turbines for nuclear power plants in the world;
  • 4th world’s largest manufacturer of rocket launchers;
  • 4th place in the world in clay exports
  • 4th place in the world in titanium exports
  • 8th place in the world in exports of ores and concentrates;
  • 9th place in the world in exports of defense industry products;
  • 10th largest steel producer in the world (32.4 million tons).

UKRAINE is the number one Money laundering network in Europe created by the Clintons, Obama and the UN.

It is the largest human trafficking network system in Europe, but all the data is suppressed and investigations are ceased during times of conflict (hence the 8 year proxy WAR in Ukraine).

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine was installed by the DAVOS Group, SOROS, OBAMA [DS], but he was flipped by PUTIN and the white HATS in 2019. He was paid 8 Billion dollars.

The WAR your seeing in Ukraine now was already set in motion between Zelensky & Putin.

The news is fake the War is real

Another False Flag Event Predicted: COLLAPSE of 2022 Created to Control Banking

Deep State WILL stage power outages in EUROPE SOON and blame RUSSIA.

The chaos of people going to check out money and buying out goods will trigger an EVENT and fear of the next blackout, banks, ATMs closed off.

This will all connect to World Economic Forums’ Davos and Gates.

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 24JAN13 – William H. Gates III, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA talks during the session ‘The Global Development Outlook’ at the Annual Meeting 2013 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 24, 2013. Copyright by World Economic Forum swiss-image.ch/Photo Sebastian Derungs

…CABAL deep state agenda is to bring in their digital bank system and make promises that.. BLACKOUTS will never EFFECT society again like the collapse of 2022.

The Ukraine CRISES is much more than most people know

Biden wants Ukraine burned down. Inside the chaos, they plan to do an inside job, CIA style ops, and destroy servers and all data points that link money laundering, BILLIONS in illegal Oil and gas deals, distribution and stolen oil & gas.

Vice President Joe Biden Travels to Kyiv, Ukraine, January 16, 2017, Photo from U.S. Embassy Kyiv Ukraine

The Ukrainians were doing a large investigation into BIDEN and OBAMA. They have a lot of evidence in closed indictments against OBAMA/BIDEN and their admin. These indictments are connected to the OBAMA administration which connect the FAKE killing of Osama Bin Laden. The IRANIAN gov. protected Bin Laden and gave OBAMA a fake decoy to apprehend and have the decoy KILLED by Seal team six. The plot to trick OBAMA worked and moments after apprehending and killing of Osama bin laden Obama gave a live speech that Bin Laden was captured and killed. Americans rejoiced and Obama sinking poles as President were instantly lifted and he was re-elected.

What Americans didn’t know was moments after OBAMA gave his live speech of the capture and killing of Bin Laden, Seal Team Six identified the dead body as not being Bin Laden. They figured out was a decoy, but it was too late, OBAMA gave the speech only seconds earlier.

The body was thrown out over the mountains from the helicopter. The IRANIANS PLAN HAD WORKED AND OBAMA CAME INTO CONTROL UNDER IRANIAN BLACKMAIL. They had everything on OBAMA and the lies and the proof. That’s why OBAMA paid BILLIONS in cash in pallets to IRAN and Hillary Clinton set up the deaths of the Seal Team Six from that special operation in Benghazi. The BILLIONS that went to IRAN was traded (money laundering) into UKRAINE markets, oil, gas, weapons, estates, and into EUROPEs largest human trafficking network.

Now the BIDEN/OBAMA deep state CABAL want UKRAINE destroyed!

George Soros: U.S. Must ‘Do Whatever’ Possible to Back Ukraine Against Russia

Billionaire Democrat megadonor George Soros says the United States, and other transatlantic nations, must “do whatever is in their power” to back Ukraine against Russia in the ongoing conflict overseas.

After Russia first invaded Ukraine on February 24, Soros says the U.S. and its allies ought to have as much involvement in the conflict as possible even as Americans overwhelmingly oppose U.S. involvement.

Nathaniel Rothschild says “Without Ukraine, the global order may not survive.”

According to Nathaniel Rothschild, heir to the Rothschild family fortune…“Without Ukraine, the global order may not survive.” Did you catch that???

This is a RED ALERT PANIC CALL to fellow globalists saying that if the Ukraine were to fall, then so would the NEW WORLD ORDER. [They] are literally BEGGING for military reinforcements from other globalist nation states to aid in “saving” Ukraine for the NWO agenda…This is incredibly telling, especially knowing about the US funded BioLabs there. Preventing next Plandemic, perhaps?

He also said that Xi was a “close second” to being the “worlds most dangerous man” next to Putin. That confirms my belief regarding Xi…George Soros said the same thing. That is NOT coincidental. Xi is just as much an ENEMY to the NWO as Putin is.

There should be NO more questions. It should be ABUNDANTLY CLEAR by now that Putin, and Xi are single handedly DESTROYING the NWO, and [they] are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED about it!

If George Soros is pleading for everyone to help Ukraine, and Nathaniel Rothschild is saying that Ukraine is key to their New World Order plan, then maybe siding with the Ukrainian Government isn’t in our best interests.

Ukraine asks ICANN to delete all Russian domains

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine last week, Mykhailo Fedorov, First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, on Monday asked the head of DNS overlord ICANN to disable country code top-level domains associated with Russia.

Doing so would block about five million domains from the global internet, and would significantly affect Russia’s ability to communicate online.

Erich Schweighofer, a professor at the University of Vienna and ICANN community participant, wrote:

ICANN is a neutral platform, not taking a position in this conflict but allowing States to act accordingly, e.g. blocking all traffic from a particular state

CBS News Just Accidentally Gave Away Biden’s “Ukraine Plot”

via True Defender Feb 25, 2022 – We have the most shameless media of all.

Our shameless media freaks are pushing forward the most shameless propaganda. And if you’ve ever doubted that they’re the “arm” of the Democrat Party, this tweet from CBS should fix that.

Yesterday there was some “movement” by Russians, who are closing in on areas that are supposedly independent and claiming them for Mother Russia.

“Europe is descending into war. In a brazen challenge to Ukraine’s independence, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops, tanks, and artillery into two separatist regions—Donetsk and Luhansk—hours after unilaterally recognizing them as independent countries and declaring them allies,” The New York Post reported.

Keep in mind, that story was printed 13 hours ago.

Now, look at what CBS just published: “The U.S. economy has been hit with increased gas prices, inflation, and supply-chain issues due to the Ukraine crisis.”

“They’re really trying to do this aren’t they? I mean it’s incredible. I don’t know whether to be upset or impressed with the level of brazen insanity it takes to try to pull this off to run cover for Democrats. Issues plaguing us for a year due to 2 weeks of turmoil in Ukraine!”

Don Trump, Jr.

Other comments on this feed include:

“This isn’t just fake news, it is media fraud. They’re trying to rewrite history right in front of our faces.”

“These kinds of headlines aren’t doing much to allay suspicions that Biden is involving us in the Ukraine situation so that he can blame it for all of the problems that we already had”

“Holy shit, guys this is not going to work”

“Does the media think we are stupid? Inflation has nothing to do with Ukraine and everything to do with President Biden’s policies. “

“Hey Siri, what is propaganda?”

“This is just straight up a lie. Wew”

“the propaganda is getting easier to spot”

“Pure, unadulterated bullshit.”

“Not an ounce of integrity”

“CBS = garbage propaganda.”

Putin to Ukrainian Army: “Do Not Let These Nazis Use You as Human Shields”

Late last week, the media reported that Chechen fighters were being deployed to Ukraine to fight for Russia.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Russia’s Chechnya region and an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has said Chechen fighters had been deployed in Ukraine, and he urged Ukrainians to overthrow their government.

In a video posted online on Saturday, Kadyrov boasted that Chechen units had so far suffered no losses and said Russian forces could easily take large Ukrainian cities including the capital, Kyiv, but their task was to avoid loss of life.

“As of today, as of this minute, we do not have one single casualty, or wounded, not a single man has even had a runny nose,” Kadyrov said, denying what he said were false reports of casualties from Ukrainian sources.

“The president [Putin] took the right decision and we will carry out his orders under any circumstances,” said Kadyrov.

Kadyrov has often described himself as Putin’s “foot soldier” and his words echoed those of the Russian leader who on Friday urged Ukrainians to rise up against their own government, which he said was made up of “neo-Nazis”. Ukrainian officials say that description of them is absurd.

This came as Russian President Putin called on Ukrainians to not let these Nazis use them as human shields.  Sky News reported:

Putin to Ukrainian army: ‘Do not let these Nazis use you as human shields’

Vladimir Putin has appealed directly to Ukrainian troops and told them “it will be easier for us to agree if you take power in your own hands”.

Putin shared this in a presser on Friday.

The information war continues between Ukraine and Russia.  

NATO Announces They Will Not Fight for Ukraine on the Ground or in the Air — Rejects No-Fly Zone

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Friday the alliance of Western nations will not fight for Ukraine. NATO will not send in ground troops and will not close the Ukrainian air space.

Whatever promises were made to Zelensky and the Ukrainians in the past were just tossed out a window.

Reuters reported:

NATO allies rejected Ukraine’s demand for no-fly zones on Friday, saying they were increasing support but that stepping in directly would lead to a broader, even more brutal European war so far limited to Russia’s assault on its neighbour.

Ukraine, a former Soviet republic, wants to join the European Union and Western military alliance NATO, whose members are bound in its founding treaty to defend each other from invasion.

“We are not part of this conflict,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told a news conference.

“We have a responsibility as NATO allies to prevent this war from escalating beyond Ukraine because that would be even more dangerous, more devastating and would cause even more human suffering.”

‘Russian Propaganda’ Is The Latest Excuse To Expand Censorship

“I’m concerned about Russian disinformation spreading online, so today I wrote to the CEOs of major tech companies to ask them to restrict the spread of Russian propaganda,” US Senator Mark Warner tweeted on Friday.

Since then YouTube has announced that it has suppressed videos by Russian state media channels so that they’ll be seen by fewer people in accordance with its openly acknowledged policy of algorithmically censoring unauthorized content, as well as de-monetizing all such videos on the platform. Google and Facebook/Instagram parent company Meta both banned Russian state media from running ads and monetizing on their platforms in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Twitter announced a pause on ads in both Russia and Ukraine.

This sudden narrative management thrust has also seen RT taken off the air in nations like AustraliaGermany and Poland, with pressures mounting in France and the UK to follow suit. RT’s audience makes up about 0.04% of TV viewing in the UK. This isn’t about RT, it’s about the the agenda to continually expand and normalize the censorship of unauthorized speech. 

Whoever controls the narrative controls the world. The powerful understand this, while the general public mostly does not. 

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