#544 – The Ugly Truth of The Big Lie

2000 Mules Release

Stolen Election? It Appears So—Trump Wins Just By Removing the Worst Offenders [2000 MULES]

Michigan – 125,000 illegal votes, 29,000 short of 154,000. Biden holds these 16 electoral votes.

Wisconsin – 14,000 illegal votes, 6,000 short of 20,000. Biden retains these 10 electoral votes.

Georgia – 30,000 illegal votes exceeds the 12,000 vote difference. Trump gains 16 electoral votes.

Arizona – 20,000 illegal votes surpasses the 10,000 vote margin. Trump acquires 11 more electoral votes.

Pennsylvania – 275,000 illegal votes shatters the 80,000 vote margin. Trump attains yet another 20 electoral votes.

Final Electoral Vote Count
Trump – 279
Biden – 259

2000 Mules Rewriting Internet Rules, Fact Checkers Panic, 2000 Arrests Coming Next?

AP then fails to lay out why the assumptions are faulty… This fact check fails to hold up the next fact checking lie as these acts were completely legal and normal.

Missouri Passes Legislation to Prevent Ballot Trafficking, Fortify Elections

Senator Bob Onder announced on Facebook that the new election legislation bans drop boxes, ballot harvesting, and Zuckerbucks, and mandates cyber security audits and voter photo ID. Onder said “the Missouri Senate has always been the problem” when it comes to election integrity. He expects the bill to pass in the House and head to the Governor’s desk to be signed into law.

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