#542 – Vaccine War Headlines vol 28

Adverse Event Reports

1,261,147 Reports Through May 6, 2022

FDA: Americans Should Treat COVID-19 Like the Flu

Several top Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials, including Commissioner Robert Califf, admitted that Americans will now have to accept COVID-19 as another respiratory virus, comparing it to influenza.

The virus “will likely circulate globally for the foreseeable future, taking its place alongside other common respiratory viruses such as influenza. And it likely will require similar annual consideration for vaccine composition updates in consultation with the [FDA],” they continued.

The Foegen Effect: Why Face Masks Increase the Death Rate of COVID-19

By Zacharias Fögen

“My study on masks has finally appeared in the prestigious journal Medicine.

My study, based on the U.S. state of Kansas..: case mortality was significantly lower in counties without mandatory masks. Mandatory masking increased case mortality there by 85%. 

The reason for this is what I call the Foegen effect: deep re-inhalation of condensed droplets or pure virions which were trapped in the mask as droplets can worsen the prognosis. Each of these steps has been documented in the literature.

A peer-reviewed study in the journal Cureus shows that there is no association between mask compliance and case numbers in Europe, but there is a statistically significant positive association between mask compliance and deaths. This means: more mask use, same number of cases, but more deaths.”

CDC investigating 109 cases of severe hepatitis in kids across two dozen states, including 5 deaths

Most of you have heard about the #KidsHepatitis outbreak! What you might not know is that case numbers are rising.

Since some are too young to have been jabbed; remember that exposure from close contact is also occurring. More than 90% of the children were hospitalized and 14% required liver transplants, according to the CDC.

Feds Are Coming For Your Supplements: New Bill Threatens Jail Time For Supplement Companies

Sen. Dick Durbin has launched his supplement attack by introducing his “Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022” with Senator Mike Braun (R-IN). This bill threatens your ability to access the supplements you rely on to stay healthy. We need to send a strong message to Congress that this is bad for consumers, bad for health, and bad for the economy. The FDA list could potentially sweep the market of as many as 41,000 supplements.

Why are more supplement regulations such a priority for these federal authorities? Supplements are overwhelmingly safe. 

According to the FDA, in 2021, the agency received 2,400 adverse event reports related to dietary supplements. To put this in context, according to the FDA’s adverse event database, in 2021 the FDA received a total of 2,333,453 adverse event reports. That means that dietary supplements make up 0.1% of the adverse event reports to the FDA. National reports consistently show zero deaths from dietary supplements; according to the FDA’s database, in 2021 alone drugs killed 187,750 Americans.

New Data from Walgreens Reveals Unvaccinated Have the Lowest Positivity Rate for COVID

Triple and Double Vaxxed Groups Have the Worst Rate

By Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit, Published May 9, 2022

The National Conservative posted some shocking numbers on the positivity rate of those Americans who are vaccinated compared with those who are not vaccinated.

According to data from over 5,000 Walgreens stores, the unvaccinated have the lowest incidence of COVID.
Here is the latest chart from Walgreens.

The unvaccinated show an 18% COVID rate.
This is lower than those with 3 doses of the vaccine who have a 19.2 COVID rate.

Those with three doses, with their last dose taken over five months ago have the highest COVID rate at 31.3%.

Obviously, the vaccines are not working as advertised.

“These Aren’t Normal Cancers” – Doctors All Over the World Are Noticing That “Something Is Wrong”

Florida physician: “I’ve seen five kidney cancers in young patients. I usually see one kidney cancer every decade of my practice.”

Chief of Oncology at a major hospital: “In young people, I’ll see maybe one astrocytoma brain cancer a year. I’ve seen five after the boosters rolled out in the last month.”

Another physician: “My 21-year-old son got the booster. Now he has a salivary gland cancer.”

Family physician from Ireland: “I have seen the weirdest cancers after the shot rollout.”

Military doctors can’t trust DOD medical database after COVID vax injuries scrubbed: whistleblower

DOD took down, edited and restored the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database earlier this year after whistleblowers including Chambers testified on the reported spike in a legal challenge. 

The department told PolitiFact — not Johnson, who had sent two letters on the matter — the 2021 spike was the product of a “glitch” that caused severe underreporting of 2016-2020 figures. That would mean the military underreported cases by about 20 million a year during that period, whistleblower lawyer Tom Renz said.

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