Life Sucks!

Have you ever felt like life is too much? 

The enemy wants us to think that our life sucks, and nothing can make it better. These thoughts can either make or break our relationship with God because you can either choose to listen to the enemy or tell him to get lost.   

What do we do when life gets in the way of our relationship with God? We need to step in and say “I know what I may be going through is hard, but I’ve got God on my side and I’m not going to lose.”  When we say this, it let’s the enemy know that you aren’t going to listen to him, and that no matter what he says it’s not going to tear you down. 

However, sometimes we do listen to the enemy, and it does tear us down. The devil wants our relationship with God to break, so he tries every little thing to pull us away from God.

I don’t know what you are going through right now, but what I do know is that no matter what happens God is always with you even when you don’t see it or feel it.   

The devil wants us to feel anxious and depressed. He uses these emotions to play with our faith and brings us as far away from God as he can. The devil will try anything from family struggles, friend issues, or mental battle to pull us out of our faith and break our relationship with God and people. But that’s when we need to stand up and say “This situation is not going to pull me away from God; in fact I’m going to grow myself through it.” When we say this it shows the devil that he shouldn’t be messing with us and that he hasn’t won.   

Something that has stuck with me for a while is a saying from Joyce Meyer, an American author and speaker. She said “when you wake up, before you put your feet on the ground thank God for the day you’re about to have because when the devil hears those word he shakes and thinks oh no they’re awake.” 

When we wake up with a positive attitude it shows the devil that he can’t mess with us. By standing up to the devil you are strengthening your relationship with God and breaking your relationship with the enemy.   When you feel like the enemy is targeting your relationships and trying to bring you down, stand up and say “ I’m not going anywhere; my God is bigger than this situation!”

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