Vaccine War Headlines, vol 34

Adverse Event Reports

1,307,926 Reports Through June 17, 2022

12,500 VAERS Records Deleted

Past 9 Weeks, Injuries And Deaths Just Vanished

Albert Benavides spent twenty-five years as a revenue cycle management expert. He ran the ultra-complex medical billing operations that exist at some of America’s largest hospitals.

Albert is one of America’s foremost experts on how medical recordkeeping works, and that makes him also one of America’s foremost experts on the VAERS database.

Albert has been doing the hard work of closely tracking the VAERS database and how it changes over time. And over the past two months, he says, there has been a dramatic amount of information deleted from the database. Overall, more than 12,500 records have vanished in the past nine weeks, including two thousand hospitalizations, a thousand permanent disabilities, and five hundred and fifty deaths.

Stew Peters interviews Albert Benavides June 17, 2022 regarding his research.

COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? Part 6


There are many things about this “pandemic” that are unprecedented in medical history. One of the most startling is that at the height of the pandemic so few autopsies, especially total autopsies, were being done. A mysterious virus was rapidly spreading around the world, a selected group of people with weakened immune systems were getting seriously ill and many were dying and the one way we could rapidly gain the most knowledge about this virus—an autopsy, was being discouraged.

Stew Peters and Dr. Ruby have both covered the horrific autopsies that have proven clotting beyond anything we could imagine. Make sure to read this article for the details.

FAKE medicine

Over 90% of all medical interventions lack evidence to support their use, as the medical system implodes with error

A new meta-analysis published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology finds that there is NO high-quality evidence to support MOST modern healthcare interventions and pharmaceutical drugs used in hospitals today.

Meta-analysis finds 94% of medical interventions are lacking evidence to support their use.

As the failures of covid-19 vaccines come to light, more doctors are waking up to the fact that pharmaceutical companies routinely defraud the public and use medical professionals as pawns. Doctors who treat patients with dignity and warn about the issues with the vaccines are also witnessing sordid corruption coming from their state medical board. 

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