#661 – Vaccine War Headlines vol 38

Adverse Event Reports

1,357,937 Reports Through July 22, 2022

The WHO Chief That Spread Dangerous Covid Misinformation Calls to Regulate ‘Monkeypox Disinformation’ on Social Media

July 27, 2022 – The World Health Organization spread disastrous Covid-19 misinformation at a critical time early in the pandemic. But now, the unelected health body wants nations to regulate ‘monkeypox disinformation’ in favor of supporting the government’s official narrative about the virus.

WHO pushes for immediate “sex lockdown” to fight Monkeypox.

July 28, 2022 – Although technically anybody can contract monkeypox, 98 percent of cases have been reported among men who have had sex with other men, according to the WHO.

On Wednesday, they gave the following instructions:

The WHO now advises males who engage in sexual activity with other men to “lower their risk” by selecting SAFER options.

This specific group has been instructed to quickly REDUCE the amount of partners they have for sex.

The organization advises reconsidering male-on-male intercourse with new partners.

The Biden Administration Again Declares National ‘Public Health Emergency’ Over Monkeypox

August 4, 2022 – As of August 2nd, there have been no monkeypox deaths in the United States and fewer than ten deaths reported worldwide. President Biden’s health secretary Xavier Becerra declared the monkeypox outbreak a ‘national health emergency,’ a once-rare designation that has become a political weapon for elected leaders who want to obviate the law or implement unconstitutional measures.

Experimental Vaxx Rollout Of The Flu, Monkeypox, And Ebola Set To Deploy

August 4, 2022 – COVID-19 is PROVEN to be a man-made, intentionally spread virus that was intended to push people towards a death shot that will kill or injure everyone who takes it.

Karen Kingston joins The Stew Peters Show to talk about the Flu Vaccine that was found out to be an experimental injection, but never had to disclose this fact due to it never having emergency authorization. We need to BAN ALL VACCINES!!!

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