Big Burrito Giveaway for Baby Alathea

Uncle helping with 4 month old’s final expenses

In support of the Sterkel family, our very own Tim Gillett has purchased 24 burritos for us to give away through the scanner page on facebook! We will have six packages of 4 burritos given to 6 different scanner followers and will be available for delivery Sunday, January 8th. Orders must be placed for additional burritos by Sat at noon. See Raheem’s message below for the menu and prices.

Raheem is Tim’s mechanic, friend, and owner of Quick Wrench Mobile Mechanic, and is one our of advertising sponsors. His niece passed away and they are doing some fundraisers to help the family out.

If you are interested in the burritos, great! You may order directly from Raheem from his facebook page, or follow the Scotts Bluff County Scanner page and watch for the promotion. You may donate via Venmo or Cash App, or by special arrangements with the family.

Donations to:

Venmo @Sterkel-Family

Cashapp @RaheemSterkel

Memo: Baby Alathea

The following is a message from Raheem.

Hi, we are selling breakfast burritos and will be taking orders till Sunday.

We are trying to raise money for baby Alethea who was 4 months old when she passed away. We are trying to give her a sweet send off and are a little short with the expenses.

The choices of burritos are egg, potato, and cheese or egg, potato, chorizo, and cheese you do have the option to have them smothered in pork chilli.

Prices for the egg, chorizo and cheese for one without pork chilli is $6 or 2 for $10. With pork chilli 1 for $7 or 2 $12.

The chorizo, egg potato and cheese without pork chili is 1 $7 for 2 $12 with pork chili for 1 $8 and 2 for $14.

They will not be small burritos they will be stuffed and will come with silverware.

Please anything helps we are taking orders till Saturday noon. All orders that are made before Saturday must be paid for by Friday evening. All order put in Saturday before noon must be paid for by Saturday evening and will be delivered Sunday. Again Thank you everyone.

Vanessa Sterkel, Erica Medina and Aaliyah Sterkel

Donations to:

Venmo @Sterkel-Family

Cashapp @RaheemSterkel

Memo: Baby Alathea

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