Vaccine War Headlines vol 46

We have been distracted with life, but we are back! First, let’s cover the current VAERS report.

Adverse Event Reports

1,490,160 Reports Through December 23, 2022

57,693 more added since September 30, 2022

Total reports to date for ALL vaccines is 2,389,636 makes the COVID reports over 60% of all reported adverse events.

Did you know that autism rates have exploded from 1 in 10,000 Americans to 1 in 34 children since 1989. What happened in 1989 to change that? The vaccine schedule grew exponentially. It is out of control!

Let’s get right into the Damar Hamlin incident.

As of this afternoon, Jan 6 – Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s breathing tube was removed overnight and he’s spoken to his teammates via video, the Bills said. That’s the good news, but did you know what has gone down in the last month?

US life expectancy reaches 25-year low, according to CDC

Life expectancy for people born in the U.S. during 2021 stands at 76.4 years, the lowest on record since 1996. Life expectancy for those born in 2019 was 78.8 years — a drop of 2.4 years, according to CDC data.

Did you know that because we share anti-pharma, anti-vax reports, the WHO says we are dangerous?

WHO shares video stating online “anti-vaccine activism” is deadlier than “global terrorism”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), online “anti-vaccine activism” is more dangerous than terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and gun violence.

“We have to recognize that anti-vaccine activism, which I actually call anti-science aggression, has now become a major killing force globally,” said Baylor College of Medicine’s Dr. Peter Hotez, in a video shared by the WHO on Twitter.

Good grief! What a clown show!

Kanekoa had a great thread on twitter yesterday:

Dr. Tenpenny reports that Pulmonary Hypertension has a very grim outlook. We must stop the #clotshots before it’s too late 😢 Amanda is just one example of many injured by the jab.

ICYMI – Nearly 2 in 10 Cows Injected With mRNA “Vaccine” DIE Almost Instantly

Dairy farmers in Australia are now being forced to inject the gene-altering mRNA vaccine that contains spike protein so they could remain in business. Just like in humans, the experimental jabs are causing severe damage to the animals and many of them died instantly.

Independent media portal InfoWars recently reported that 35 out of 200 cows died immediately after being administered the injection.

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