Need a Free Handyman?

Complete Construction extends amazing offer for those in need

We are always happy to help our clients with their promotions. Most of them are pretty good, some not so good. However, once in awhile a great promotional idea comes along that we just can’t resist.

Brad Conklin of Complete Construction and Handyman Services called us the other day and proposed the following;

His goal is to help one person each month with something they need around their home. Now, Brad is not going to roof your house or do any plumbing or electrical, or anything requiring special permits or licenses, but he will help one person per month, based on the nominations he receives through his website.

The public is able to nominate homeowners they feel could benefit from the help.

Jobs are limited to things that can be finished in the same day and the home owner supplies all materials.

We think it’s a great idea and we are helping him promote it.

If you know of a homeowner that could use a day’s worth of free handyman services, please nominate them through his website at

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