Cattleman’s Corner : Campbell Mauchan – Partnerships

Working with Companies like Legacy Verified

Now here’s Nelseena Lehmann with Campbell Mauchan of Agriwebb on working with businesses like Legacy Verified.

We are really excited to kind of continue to be working closely with RaeMarie Knowles and her team at Legacy Verified. I think that when we first started talking to RaeMarie, she expressed that a lot of ranchers see the value added programs as a lot of added paperwork and things like that. And when we started to speak with her, it kind of dawned on us that Agriwebb was actually capturing 90, 95% of the records that you’d need for one of these value added programs. So we’re really excited to be working with her and her team at Legacy Verified to hopefully help really reduce that burden for our customers when it comes time for for an audit. And if that means that they spend more time running the ranch and hopefully getting paid the premiums that we believe they deserve, then that feels like a bit of a match made in heaven for us.

Campbell Mauchan, Agriwebb

We’ll have more with Campbell Mauchan on future episodes, but that’s it for The Cattlemen’s Corner. Thanks again for listening and may God bless. I’m Brian Hale.

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