SCANNER RECAP Feb 23, 2023

** HIT and RUN **
The owner is asking for our help. Someone hit his car between 8pm Wednesday night and 11am Thursday near 8th Avenue and 17th Street in Scottsbluff. If anyone has any information or local video footage, please contact Jaylin Chunn at 308-765-5110 or leave a comment below. Anything could help. Thank you.

They pulled over a guy earlier when they ran his info he had warrants in 3 different counties in nebraska & a suspended license.

Same ole stuff, lots of animal complaints, elderly falling, dui’s. Several transport to jail. Lots of diesel pickups gelling up and breaking down. A DOA, few accidents. Intoxication.

Intoxicated female just entered someone’s residence and rp has no idea who she is.

LISTEN for yourself…

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