SCANNER RECAP Feb 27, 2023

LISTEN for yourself…

A naked man walking on 6th?

A small fire was extinguished from a gas leak at The Steel Grill. Back open tonight!

Another 10+ new Insiders added to our group of citizen reporters.

While tagging vehicles, officer found a man down on the floorboard of a pickup while another man, a naked one is on 6th Ave, just stripped and is walking around.

In another incident, SB PD trying to find someone letting off fireworks first reported as possible gunshots.

We had a 2 vehicle mva at lake minatare just off of stonegate road, also taking female to jail, domestic 3rd degree and it looks like a little boy holding a sign trying to “refresh the public”.

An attempted breakin at the Sportsman Inn, and some drunks “acting like the female version of grumpy old men” 😂

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