SCANNER RECAP March 6, 2023

Little tornadoes out of Sidney?

No, we didn’t have any tornadic activity yesterday, but we did hear that Little Tornados were on their way from Sidney. Turns out it’s an oddly named Tow Company. 樂

If anyone is thinking that they can assault someone then leave the scene and not get caught, think again. Our officers are amazing at tracking you down. We had a call in Melbeta, and it was incredible how dispatch and LEO worked together to stop the black 2020 Duramax in Scottsbluff just minutes later.

Also, don’t throw things at Dollar Store Clerks. One lady got into a conflict and fled. She was tracked to the Jr High and found to be slurring enough to call medical. She was evaluated, refused transport and was cited and released.

We also heard several calls yesterday for medical assistance;  difficulty breathing, severe nausea, and elderly falls.   Our first responders do an amazing job. Thank you for yielding to emergency personnel at all times.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Listen anytime

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