Would you believe it?

If you were told a story and it went like this, would you believe it?

A man that ran for President twice and did not make it, ran a third time and received the most votes ever for a president. He stayed in his basement and did not campaign.

That China would unleash a disease, one that has a 99.7% recovery rate. That the lead guy that tells Americans how to live, funded the gain of function at the Wuhan lab. Same guy participated in one of the most horrific acts of studies on dogs, placing their heads in cages and allowing insects to eat the dogs to death. That these dogs vocal cords were cut, so they did not have to hear them.

That 15 days to flatten the curve, turned into 598 days.

That children that are hardly affected by the virus would need to wear a mask, to save grandma.

That’s schools, churches, small business all need to close (to stop the spread). Yet big chain stores, abortion clinics, bars (until midnight), & pot shops could remain open.

That churches could open, but not sing praises to God.

That the virus could live on surfaces, to it no longer does.

That the virus could not spread in less than 6 feet and will not be passed unless it been 15 minutes or longer.

That one mask is not longer good, two is now needed.

That the vaccine would prevent the virus, no it will not. From one jab, then two. From two will not work, so you need a third. From it will not prevent the virus, it will slow the spread. From it will not slow the spread, the vaxxed can spread it. From it will not slow the spread to it will lesson the symptoms. From the vaxxed don’t need masks, to they now need masks.

From freedoms, to passports.

From stay safe to protect grandma to demand grandma get the shot or she cannot see you.

That groups could burn, loot, kill, destroy historical statues and the media would not cover it.

That a drug addict and criminal could become a hero and the country would be destroyed in his name.

That black people would tell whites they are not oppressed, to the whites calling them racist for saying that.

That this disease would divide family and friends.

That you would be told each death, day after day and never be told the correction of numbers later.

That people would be so afraid to leave their home, some freak out and beat people for not wearing a mask.

That one unwilling to take an experimental vax, would be called an anti vaxxer.

That this vax would not disclose the side effects or full ingredient, when all others before did.

That the elite would party in night clubs, get their hair done, get caught on camera without mask, yet demand you wear yours.

Where people said they know something is wrong, yet act like it’s all normal.

Where parents going to the school board, would be labeled terrorists.

Where doctors and nurses were fired for no vax, yet worked through the whole thing and never vaxxed.

Where hospitals are so full, yet medical staff is fired.

Where you never hear of the homeless all laying dead in the street.

Where people are having adverse reactions, yet support children getting it.

Where it was dangerous to be in school without a mask, but you can play sports and don’t need one.

Where medications that were proven to work, were removed and banned.

Image with me, all the people being quiet about what they see and know. They know, as they know, as they know, none of this makes any sense but speaking out is not an option.

Where all things are racist and if you disagree then you are racist. If you disagree we will cancel you.

Where a groups of thugs can tell big business to change their logo, change their name.

Where NBA players that had adverse reactions to the vax and can no longer play, are told to keep quiet and they do.

Imagine if this was all told to us and we had not lived it, what would we have said?

Where we are told that raising the debt ceiling is benificial. If you cannot pay back $100,000 on your charge card, why would they believe you could pay back $200,000

Where what we see, we are told we did not see.

Where what we know to be science, proven and what we lived by, we are told no longer works that way.

Where we are mad at each other and not the man who funded biological warfare (gain of function) with China and we are not mad at China.

Where everyone is so scared to speak up, as they will be canceled. Where people are so afraid to talk about what is taking place, as it will be perceived political, but the truth is we all know we need to talk about it.

That Switzerland would chip 60,000 people, in their hands. That this chip tracks them, they use it to buy and sell, pay bills and never need cash.

Where you can type in Antifia .com and it brings you to the White House. Where people will justify this and pretend it’s not a big deal.

Where thousands could walk into our country illegally and then be flown all around the country.

I don’t believe there is anyone that would have said this was possible, yet here we are.

We all know it’s real, we all know people have died. We know there are deaths and side effects from the disease and the vax. We know it! Yet we pretend like we don’t. Why?

Who is the master deceiver? Did we all just sit quiet as he destroyed families, people, businesses, mental health, churches, a nation? Did we really just allow this?

The master deceiver must have workers right, now look around and identify who they were. They were not your friends, your family, your co workers, they were those in positions of authority and those that could make all this happen.

It’s not political! It is good verses evil.
We are seeing foreshadowing of things to come, do we have time to stop it?

I see some friends sharing, talking about it and fighting to make sure all truths are known. To those people, you are my hero’s, keep speaking truth! We need you, America needs you!

Penned by Lisa Armstead October 2021.

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