SCANNER RECAP March 15, 2023

Infant discovered in parked vehicle, full trauma team activation for rollover accident, and more gas driveoffs…

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eye witness accounts are often unreliable.

Gas drive off from Ampride on Ave B, individual put in 50 dollars. Card did not go through, and they took off. Plate came back to an address on Sage Street in Gering… “Oh, no, hope it wasn’t my address,” says our Admin Tim Gillett jokingly.

There was that disturbance at Circle S Lodge, but it was resolved before officers arrived.

Looks like a storm is blowing in. We forecasted a 40 percent chance of wind or snow and dropping back down to 30-degree temps.

Gas drive off at Cyclone Express.

They just said something about a missing 3 year old… We will definitely follow this one up.

Male is very intoxicated, threatening people inside a residence.

Vehicle parked on 2nd Ave with infant and no adult around… Pioneer Park. When we drove by, there was no baby in the vehicle, and the police were about 1 block ahead.

Two small grassfires; one west of Lyman on the Wyoming side and another one in town at the same time.

MVA Rollover with ejection. Approx 30 year old male. Airlink en route to RWMC full trauma team activation. Cold offload upon arrival. A cold offload is when they turn the helicopter off before unloading the patient.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Congratulations to our Photo Contest Winners for Spring 2023!

Viewer’s Choice photo by Katy Harimon
Editor’s Choice photo by Michelle Behrens-Smith

These photos will be used on several platforms, giving the photographers great exposure. Thank you to all who submitted qualifying photos!

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