SCANNER RECAP March 20, 2023

Memorials pour in, Coyote at the Airport, Drone Tour of Minatare and much more…

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed, and eye witness accounts are often unreliable.

We have made arrangements for a Prayer Plant and a Sympathy Card for the family to be signed at J & S Blooming Co, downtown Scottsbluff. Please see Jen if you feel led to sign or donate.

A Prayer Plant in memory of Autumn Elsen is being personally delivered to the family on behalf of the sbcoscanner community.
CSC Campus Press Release on the fatal accident on Hwy 385 south of Chadron on Sunday.

Original post :

Our sincerest condolences are offered to the family, Autumn’s friends, teachers, coaches, students, and entire community. May everyone rest in the peace of salvation.

We have had several community members asking how we can support the family of Autumn Elsen. If you want to contribute to a gift from our community to this family, you can give below or sign a card and drop your donation off at J & S Blooming Co in Scottsbluff.

Donation link :

We also had requests for local grief counselors. RWMC provides the following information on grief counselors.

** Road Rage incident between Mitchell and Scottsbluff involving a gun. Police are checking status of gun.

One scanner follower wrote that it would be nice to have more of the story on this. We agree. One way is to listen for yourself to the public scanner feed through our website or any police scanner app. Another way is to request an archived recording from us and listen to it again.

Keep in mind, though, that some of the radios in Scottsbluff are now encrypted, so you will only hear half the conversation at times.

Scanner Traffic is also 10-coded and 10 codes are NOT universal, despite what stupid Google pulls up. It is actually quite a skill and takes a team to get it translated for you everyday.

Furthermore, when there is a case that requires investigation, like in the question of who or how the gun was used, that typically won’t be coming over scanner traffic in real time.

Scotts Bluff County Scanner photo of a stray Coyote seen at the Scottsbluff Regional Airport.

Perhaps the tourism committee is doing too good of a job reaching the ‘rural residents’ of the Valley… Seems there is plenty of wildlife to be observed around town lately.

A video of a Coyote at the Airport was recorded Monday morning and appears on our facebook page. Video and Photo credit; Scotts Bluff County Scanner.

THANK YOU to those who wear the first responder uniform AND serve faithfully on every call possible.

The following should be a wake up call to anyone service minded. We need YOU to become part of the solution. Join your local fire department and go when called, please. We need you.

The following was posted by neighboring Morrill County citizen and Bayard Fire Chief Craig Schwartz.

Someone else can do it.

– …… ……….

That’s the phrase I’ve heard for most of my life when it comes to answering the call.

Last night the 3rd closest fire station to a garage fire wasn’t able to send any equipment due to no one to go.

We’ve come to a time in the volunteer fire service that there is no longer “someone else.” Commitment to the community of any nature is at its lowest we have all seen. Not just fire departments and EMS, but all community involvement.

19 years ago, when I joined, we fought for seats to go. Now, we struggle to get enough to even go anywhere.

Whether you have the slight motivation to coach a team, help at a food pantry, join a fire department, or anything that contributes to the community, please do.

Fire and EMS isn’t for everyone – it takes a certain mindset to be involved. That being said, please consider becoming involved.

We are running out of “someone else.” Be that person to be part of your community in any way that you can.

Possible stroke in Gering, N Street.

Medical call for difficulty breathing.

Valley enroute to Pacific Boulevard for a 14 yr old with an asthma attack.

Male tripped on the railroad tracks, bleeding from the head.

3rd Ave suspicious person lying in the street.

County Rd 19 in Gering, woman assaulted.

Burglary on Terry Blvd.

Spring Creek Rd and Hwy 26. Person driving all over the roadway.

Gas drive off Big Bat’s.

Several animal complaints including a bite today, while everyday there are several dogs on the loose.

Our officers are very compassionate but can get quite frustrated with irresponsible pet owners. Please check your animals frequently if they are outdoors. One German Shephard in town is tied up in the alley and is constantly getting tangled up. Others just decide to let their dogs roam free, and this ties up officer resources. Please be responsible pet owners.

Verbal disturbance Ave C.

Items stolen from a storage unit on 27th St.

Drone tour of Minatare – preparing our unmanned ‘news helicopter’ for the next opportunity to provide you with breaking news! Click link in caption to view.

Another suicidal call on East Overland. Officer enroute. Suicide Hotline : Dial 988

Dial 988, or 911 for help anytime

PUBLIC MEETING Monday, April 3, 2023

Anyone interested in learning more or joining the team is invited to an informational and organizational meeting on April 3rd in Scottsbluff.

The Conference Room is Reserved for us at The Hampton Inn Monday night 7-9 pm.  It’s a room for 100 and will fill up fast!

We will open with a prayer, then a video presentation, and introductions after that. Several of you will be invited to sit on a panel to answer questions pertaining to your area of expertise and experience. We will be contacting you with details if chosen.

Monday April 3rd 7-9pm

Registration for the event is free and will be available on our website or by sending an email to

Seating is limited to 100 total, so register quickly once it opens!

1 MILLION Milestone Achieved

The Scotts Bluff County Scanner facebook page has reached over 113,000 different people, with over one million impressions in the last 28 days.

Scotts Bluff County Scanner posts were viewed over 1.0M times over the past 28 days.

Remember, scanner traffic is not news until confirmed. All parties remain innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Listen anytime

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